how to do a BEACH WAVE PERM

hello everyone and welcome to today’s video. today we are going to be PERMING our model’s hair. as you can see her hair is beautiful, it's NICE and THICK.

ANALYZING the hair

while I ask our model about her NATURAL WAVE, she informs me that it naturally waves in SOME sections but not all. around the CROWN area, she notices some LOSS OF WAVE as she ages, leaving her to miss her “WAKE UP AND GO HAIR”.

that being said, there is an easy and quick to bring back the natural wave without being over complicated.

i have an example sectioned out of this mannequin. being that our model’s hair is nice and THICK, there will be a little bit more detail on her head. only 8  FLEXIBLE PERM RODS are going to be used. i am also going to add in a haircut to accentuate some TEXTURE.

i will have to cut off a little bit of length on the model’s hair because there is some SPLITTING

PROTIP: to check split ends, once the hair is SEE THROUGH that now qualifies as “SPLIT.”

starting out, we will begin with the haircut. our model loves her THICKNESS to her hair but is upset that due to her climate she is suffering from a dry scalp.

first- the CUT

i am going to start by WETTING DOWN her hair and then following with the cut. after that, you will be able to see our model’s NATURAL TEXTURE before we start the PERM.

now that our model’s hair is all blow out you can see the NATURAL WAVE in her hair. moving towards the bottom, you can see that i will have to take off some length from her split ends. as i listed before, everything that is see-through, the interior structure that’s now compromised is no longer holding any pigment.. split ends travel so a good bit of length will need to be cut.

now for the cut, already her hair has a V SHAPE, so that is the structure that we are going to keep.

if the model wanted to square out her structure, the length would have to be cut to here.

 here is the haircut.

this is what her TEXTURE looks like after we washed her hair. her hair is NATURALLY STRAIGHT with a little bit of a KINK.

the WAVE process

the hair is now sectioned out, in total there are going to be 8 SECTIONS. It’s crucial to use DIAGONAL PARTING, so when the hair is let down, it’s going to give a very DIFFUSE FINISH. the partings DO NOT have to be sectioned perfectly or have a really clean line. with curls, everything will fall together naturally, so it’s not something to stress about.

something important to understand is that the rollers are quite larger. this means you want the sections around the SAME SIZE so that the rollers sit right on the BASE. this will make sure that the rollers are NOT INTERFERING with the others.

as i have some of her rollers in, i will demonstrate how to roll the hair properly. you’ll want to keep in mind how you want the hair to CURL while rolling. looking at the roll on her crown, it is rolled back so the hair will have a LIFT at the crown. the same technique will be used for the front section.

the hair should be VERY WET so the ends will stay in the roller. these rollers are not the TRADITIONAL ROLLERS, and we are not using any perm paper. i make sure the ends are TUCKED IN, so there are no “FISH HOOKS” on the end. we are not trying to end up with a kinky perm. once the section is rolled, you’ll want to BEND the ends LIGHTLY to hold the section in place.

for the side section, I want to direct the sides UPWARD and go DOWN DIAGONALLY like an ANGLE. combing everything from the top to bottom and making sure everything is STRAIGHT. and then ROLL IT DOWN towards the SCALP. following this, continue to roll the rest of the head.

here is the head completely WRAPPED and the ROLLS are all sitting nicely. there is no specific trick to wrapping and rolling; you just have to organize them on the head, so they are all BALANCED and stay NICE AND TIGHT.

now we are letting the perm PROCESS with the cap.

here is the hair freshly out of the rollers, you can see the DIFFERENT TEXTURE and how much more the hair has. this will be a BEAUTIFUL LIGHT BEACHY WAVE.

adding product

after POWER DRYING a little I will add our NVENN CURL AMPLIFIER. hair is like a SPONGE so if it ’s soaked it will not soak up the product. this product is excellent because it has EMOLLIENT, which CURLY HAIR needs that extra bit of EMOLLIENT to really FORM.

i have our model’s head tilted back, and i am going to SCRUNCH the hair with the nvenn ‘curl’ amplifier. the best way to apply any product to put in the product in how you are going to wear it. so being that her hair will be CURLED i am going to SCRUNCH it.

if her hair were straight, we would be SMOOTHING the product into the hair. make sure to apply a HEALTHY AMOUNT. our model prefers LESS PRODUCT in her hair. the MORE PRODUCT you apply with curly hair, the MORE FIRM it drys. make sure the hair is EVENLY COATED.

if our model ever wants the MORE AMPLIFIED hair the only things she would need to do is apply MORE PRODUCT. the following day, all that our model will need to do is add a SMALL AMOUNT OF WATER to REWORK the style.

the DRYING process

so gravity doesn't pull the hair DOWN, i am going to BUNCH the hair and CLIP the section in place, so it stays when the model is under the dryer. this will be done on the entire head

after BUNCHING up the hair this is going to dry beautifully. again, there is NO SPECIFIC STRUCTURE to how you’ll section or bunch the hair because curly hair has no rhyme or reason.


now that the drying is FINISHED you can see all of the TEXTURE and BODY we have added to it. the client loves how LIGHT and BIG her hair is after the perm. now she says she is able to WAKE UP AND GO like she usually did with her hair. while also adoring how NATURAL the application looks.

there you have it, a PERFECT NATURAL BEACHY PERM. make sure to leave a comment and subscribe to @nvennhairbeauty. See you next week for more hair filled fun.


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