how to do a BLOWOUT

we are here with jessica today and for this week’s video she is going to show you how to do a BLOWOUT on your hair. You would be shocked at how many of our clients tell us that they just can’t blow dry their own hair to get the style they want!

we are very big fans of old-school hairdressing methods. nowadays, people are really reliant on curling irons, and flat irons. but you just can’t achieve some of those CLASSIC LOOKS without a blowdryer.  keep reading to learn how to properly blow out your hair to achieve those classic voluminous looks.


the key to a good blowout is to use good products and good tools.

PRO TIP: make sure your blow dryer has a CONCENTRATOR.

blowout 1

the concentrator is important is because the cuticle, or outer layer of the hair, lays on the hair shaft like shingles on a roof. directing the airflow from your blow dryer ‘up the hair shaft’ will make it look frizzy.

blowout 2

the concentrator will help you to direct your airflow downwards which will make your hair look sleek and shiny. you can also turn the concentrator to any angle, making it easier to blow dry the back sections of your head.

PRO TIP: some other features to look for in a hairdryer are multiple heat and power settings and also a ‘cool’ button. a ‘cool’ button is significant because heat is what changes the structure of the hair. using cool air will set the hair before you take it down. if you take it down before it cools, gravity will pull it down before it sets.

creating the STYLE

blowout 3

first things first, you want to make sure the hair is damp, but sopping wet. use a towel to remove all the excess moisture from the hair and give the hair a quick power dry. you can start applying product when your hair is about 50% dry.

PRO TIP: you don’t want to put any products in your hair if it is too wet. your hair is like a sponge, and if it’s too full of water, the products won’t absorb into the hair as they should.

blowout 4

jessica is going to be using nvenn ‘fix’ flexible working hair spray to give a little boost to her roots. as you may know, clean hair just doesn’t style as nicely. this flexible hair spray gives your hair a “day old” finish.

blowout 5

next, jessica applies nvenn ‘replenish’ strength restoration oil and moisturizing shine infuser to her mid shaft and ends. she likes to apply this oil before applying a heat protectant to really seal in the moisturizing power of the kelp and oils we use in our products.

blowout 6

next, jessica applies some nvenn ‘protect’ heat shield. this product is designed to prevent the damaging effect that heat can cause on hair. it’s best to apply this product generously throughout the hair to create a very thin HEAT SHIELD barrier that will protect your hair getting burned by the heat.

all of these products smell great, and are made with all natural ingredients that penetrate into your hair, so they won’t weigh down the hair or leave any gross residue.

PRE-DRYING the hair

blowout 7

jessica’s hair is still just a bit damp, so the first thing she is going to do is blow dry it until it’s about 90% dry. the reason for this is that when your hair is wet, it is more susceptible to breakage. wet hair stretches and stretches, then snaps. when it is dry however, it doesn’t stretch as much, and is harder to break.

PRO TIP: it’s important to make sure that blow out your hair in all directions. your hair will do what you tell it to! if you blow it out in the same direction everyday, it’s going to lay really flat over time. blowing out your roots in all directions will give the hair more movement and flow. set your part in at the very end.

SECTION the hair

blowout 8

next, jessica sections the first portion of her hair. you want to make these sections large enough so that they create some tension in the brush to really pull the hair straight while you blow dry.

a good rule of thumb is to make the section of hair just slightly thicker than the brush you are using. your section doesn’t have to be perfect. all of your hair is going to get blow dried eventually so as long as your sections are relatively straight you’re good to go!

blowout 9

today, jessica is using a large round brush. you want to start by sectioning the first part of the hair into 2 halves and brush it to REMOVE the TANGLES.

blowout 10

next, starting at the root, you want to pull the brush through the hair. your brush and blowdryer should move simultaneously. adjust the angle of the concentrator so that your wrist is straight. it will make blow drying A LOT EASIER. we promise :)

blowout 11

make sure to maintain the tension on the hair as you move down the hair strand. you want to repeat this process a few times. the first time will warm the hair. the second time will heat the hair and the third time will smooth it.

PRO TIP: if the hair is hot and still wet, move to another section and come back to it. IF IT’S TOO HOT, IT’S BURNING!

blowout 13

you should roll brush back towards the root just as you would with hot rollers.

blowout 14

next, with the strands coiled around the brush, you want to use the cool setting on your hair dryer to bring the hair back to room temperature. when the hair is no longer warm to the touch, you can unroll it from the brush.

blowout 15

you are going to continue this process on the other side.

blowout 16

PRO TIP: when you’re pulling the brush out, make sure to pull it down ALL the way to the ends. pulling out the brush mid-way might leave you with frizzy roots.

blowout 17

with the first section done, jessica has made the second section around the crown of the head.

blowout 18

starting with the side sections, repeat the same process again, remembering to keep the angle of the air from your dryer perpendicular to the brush as you pull it through the strands.

PRO TIP: as you move up the head, you want to increase the elevation of the roots to give your hair the lift that it needs.

when you get to the back section of the hair, rather try to pull straight out from the back of your head, pull it to either side so that it is more comfortable for you. you can’t really reach straight back behind yourself, so it makes more sense to work from either side.

blowout 19

you are then going to continue this same process until all of the section are done.

blowout 20

The final look, FABULOUS!

blowout 21

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