how to do a CURLY PIXIE CUT

this week we’re here with our lovely client mel. we are going to take a little inspiration from one of our favorite pop-stars, the iconic ‘pink’ and her curly pixie undercut. mel has very thick hair, and it’s been a while since her last visit. for her style, we are going to do an undercut on both sides to add some fun to her look.



We’ve sectioned her hair into 4 parts.

curly pixie cut 1

first, we have the ‘horseshoe’ starting at the recession of her hairline and going back around the crown.

curly pixie cut 2

next we have the back section sectioned into a ‘v’. she’s already had the back buzzed previously, and she likes the length. we are going to use that as a guide to cut the sides which are also parted and sectioned out. the look we are going for here is kind of a ‘modern mohawk’ hairstyle.

curly pixie cut 3

we’ve also sectioned out a little section in front of each of her ears (jessica refers to them as ‘doilies’, but they are also known as ‘sidelocks’ and are a hard throwback to some of the punky hairstyles that were popular in the 90’s). we’re going to cut these pieces at the end so we can see where the haircut sits.

cutting the SIDES of the hair

first thing we’re going to do is cut the sides of her hair. we used to chemically straighten her hair, but since mel recently had a baby, her hair texture has really changed. what we’re gonna do is get rid of all of these dead ends.

curly pixie cut 4

we’ve wet her hair down, and we’re ready to make the first cut.

curly pixie cut 5

mel likes the short length towards the nape of her neck, and wants to go to about the same length on the sides. she doesn’t want to go completely buzzed. what we are going to do is work in diagonal sections from front to back using the width of our finger as a guide. 

curly pixie cut 6

we are going to continue moving backwards with the diagonal sections, and trimming each section with our scissors on an angle, this will give nice texture and will look good even when her hair starts to grow out a bit.

curly pixie cut 7

a quick trim around the ear and we’re ready to move on to the other side.

curly pixie cut 8

we are going to cut the other side using the same diagonal pattern and work our way from front to back. we are matching this side to the other side that we already cut.

curly pixie 10

next, were just going to clean up around the edges with the clippers. by lightly feathering in on a vertical angle with the clippers, we can eliminate the harsh line, and it will give her hair some good texture when it starts to grow out.

cutting the TOP of the hair

we are keeping a lot of her nice top length but will be cutting off all the dead ends.

curly pixie cut 11

we’re going to start by just taking off a few inches to get rid of the dry ends.

curly pixie cut 12

we’ve wet mel’s hair down. what we want to do is cut the top fairly square, so that if she wears it to either side it will fall in natural layers, with the top slightly shorter than the bottom whichever way it falls. she plans on wearing curled most of the time, and it will look really nice with the natural layers.

curly pixie cut 13

for the back portion of the top, we want the hair to fall just below the o-bone.

curly pixie cut 14

we’re going to start with the front and cut a guide horizontally. we just want to take off about 2 inches for now, we can always trim off a bit more if we need to.

curly pixie cut 13

next, we’ve sectioned her hair down the center and we’re going to make another guide down the middle. we want to angle our fingers and cut at a diagonal slope going towards the back of the head. keep in mind that there is no right or wrong angle to choose. it just depends on where you want the back length to end and how you want the layers to fall.

curly pixie cut 14

working again from front to back, we are going to pull all of the hair straight up and cut it square according to our guides.


curly pixie cut 15

with the cut and color all done, we’ve prepped it with nvenn ‘fix’ workable hair spray and we’re ready to curl her hair and give it some style.

curly pixie cut 16

next, a bit of nvenn ‘protect’ natural heat protectant to form a heat shield preventing damage to her hair from the curling iron.

curly pixie cut 17

starting with the bottom layers first, we want to curl each section alternating directions. we’ll continue this process until we have finished the whole top of the hair.

the FINAL result

we colored the top with a level 8 ash to correct any of the orange undertones peeking through.

curly pixie cut 18

fabulous! she loves it and so do we!

curly pixie cut 19

if you want a cheat sheet with the full instructions to do this look, click the picture above!

curly pixie cut 20

if you have any questions or comments, leave us your feedback in the comments below, and don’t forget to check us out @nvennhairbeauty on facebook, instagram and youtube.



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