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how to do BRONZE hair


we are here with christy, the newest member of our nvenn family. she's ready to refresh her hair to a gorgeous BRONZE color.

we are going to start by trimming her damaged ends. they are looking kind of fragile. so we’re going to trim those up and bring her to a nice BRONZE color before we start processing her hair.

it’s been a while since christy’s last color and style and she has a good amount of natural color towards the roots. she’s also got some artificial no.6 blonde and some no.10 at the ends.

to control the lightening process we are going to be doing a set of ombre foils to stagger the amount of dark into an even, natural transition. this technique will help us prevent her already processed hair from damage.

day 1:


we’ve sectioned her hair into 4 quadrants.

she also has a nice hair decoration complete with crystals-et-al from her recent trip to peru. we’ve sectioned that off with foil to avoid getting any of our lightener on it.

we are going to start by BACKCOMBING her roots. this will allow us to create a really nice natural color transition.

next, we want to gently feather the lightener into her hair with our brush turned parallel to her hair. we want to really lighten these ends to an almost-white color to make sure it shows through.

we are going to stagger each section by about 2 inches to give a diffused, natural transition.

we’re going to repeat this process until we have her whole head in foils.

here we have her all processed so we are going to take out the foils. as you can see she’s got a bit of artificial color left that has faded from about a no.6 to a no.7.

we’re going to go through and pick out any of the darker spots.  then, we’ll use a lightener to get those strands to our desired lightness.

once the lightener has processed and we've washed the hair- she's ready for color.

applying the BRONZE color

normally we would tone the hair before applying the color, but because bronze is a really warm color, we want a little warmer undertone to come through. so we have mixed an 8Br and a 10Br. that’s going to give us a really warm rich BRONZE hair color.

we’re going to paint the 8Br toner onto any of her hair that is still dark, using the same feathering method as before.

we’re going to continue this pattern all the way around the head.

the root color turned out very well, but we still aren’t happy with the ends. we haven’t created the perfect transition just yet, so we’re going to come back tomorrow and work on it a bit more.

day 2:

final TONER

her hair is a really nice tone of blonde, but we have almost none of the nice BRONZE tone that we are going for. so we are going to once again re-apply some toner, this time using three quarters of 10Br and one quarter 8Br for our formula.

you can see that the color really took after the second application. it’s even going to lighten up some once we dry it.

to prepare her hair for blow drying, we are going to apply some nvenn ‘volume’ heat activated volumizer.

we’re also going to apply a bit of nvenn ‘protect’ heat shield before we BLOW DRY.

the final verdict? GLAMOROUS

if you want a cheat sheet for this look, just click here and leave us your information for the full step-by-step process.

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