how to do HIGHLIGHTS and COLOR at the same time

veronica here! ally is back in my chair. you probably recognize her from the drip dye series. (if not, check them out here). ally’s wedding is next week so we’re going to touch up her hair. but instead of doing lowlights, we’re going to HIGHLIGHT and COLOR her hair at the same time. 

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hair buns

we have sections for…

  • top / front of the head 
  • the fringe 
  • the sides of the head
  • back of the head
  • the crown 
  • both sides of the nape

FOILING the hair

foiling the hair

we’re going to start with the FRINGE. ally parts her hair to her right, so we want to choose our foil placement according to the color effect we want to create. the foils are going to be put in at an angle running parallel to the part line. this will create more blended, diffused highlights. for more chunky highlights, you can place the foils perpendicular to the part line. 

foil parting

with the front section all done, you can see how delicate we’re being with the foils. if you’re going to HIGHLIGHT and COLOR at the same time you need to be very TIDY with your foils. all the hair on the left side, will be left highlighted. the hair on the right side will be colored.

as i’m foiling the hair, i'll also color the hair in between the foils so we don’t need to lift them to get to the roots after. we’re pulling the hair that has been left out of the foils to the side (closest to ally’s face). 

and her foils are COMPLETE!

COLORING the rest of the hair

foils in woman hair

since we’ve been so meticulous with foiling ally’s hair, we don’t have to move anything to COLOR her ends. 

foils finished

here’s the after shot of her hair/ foils. notice how ORGANIZED this color application is. not only are her foils clean, her face and cape are also clean. 

wash, tone, and STYLE

hair dye foiled

now we’re ready to RINSE the hair. we’ll be toning with pravana’s express toner ‘smokey silver’. 

hair dye all finished
with toning said and done, you can see the BEAUTIFUL BLONDE ally has. if you have any questions or comments, as us @nvennhairbeauty.

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