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how to do JENNIFER LOPEZ Hair

welcome to this week’s video all you lovelies! this week will be a special video, because we have both sisters in one studio. they are so busy working at their respective shops that they don’t have a chance to get together for these videos very often. This week is going to be all about recreating one of Jennifer Lopez' most iconic hairstyles

this week jessica will be in the chair, and veronica is going to help her create a great new look.

all of us here at nvenn are huge J-LO fans and in homage to her, we will be showing you how to create a jennifer lopez inspired hair color.

J-LO, if you are reading this, we want you to know that we LOVE you, and our “love don’t cost a thing” <3

to pull this look off, we are going to eliminate jessica’s dark roots and add some mid tone highlights throughout the hair to really lighten up the look. jessica is feeling a little bit more brunette than she would like, so we are going to lighten out the color and create some nice mid tones. let’s get started!

the SECTIONING patterns

here we have her hair sectioned into 5 parts. the 2 side sections, and 2 back sections and the top horseshoe, with our parts right below the parietal bone.

OMBRE foils

here we have thee side sections treated and foiled using an OMBRE PATTERN with a 20 VOL.

for the side sections, we will be using a 25 VOL. and a backcomb ombre foil method to stagger the amount of dark in this section. we want to eliminate about half of the dark tones in this section, and using a backcomb method will help us create a well blended diffused color transition.

with the strands BACKCOMBED about an inch from the scalp and our foil in place, we’ll feather the lightener into the hair to create the diffused transition.

next, we’ll leave a section of dark to break up the line and even further diffuse our color transition.

we will backcomb the next section about halfway up and feather our lightener into the strands as before. we will continue this backcombing sectioning pattern until we have finished our foiling pattern.

here we see the completed foil pattern for the back and sides. we’ve left sections of dark above the foils to act as a dark veil to break up the transition even further.


we’ve sectioned the top “horseshoe” above the parietal bone into 4 even sections - 2 in the front, and two in the back.

we want to create a shadowed root effect, so for these sections we want to bring the lightener almost to the root.

we also want to create a weave of dark at the base of the section to create highlights against the dark sections. we want these sections out for this step so that we create very stark contrasts rather than a diffused transition.

we lay the foil and apply the lightener to the 3 weaves like so.

it is also important to mix new bleach for each section so that it is fresh and strong. if the bleach is too developed when you apply it to the hair, it will not lighten out as much as it needs to.

bring the bleach lightener down about halfway onto the shafts of the hair. this will create a nice CHUNKY HIGHLIGHT rather than a diffused transition.

while jessica’s foil finishes processing, it’s veronica’s turn to sit in the chair for a bit

after a rinse, jessica’s hair is ready for toner.

applying the LOW LIGHT TONER

we’ll be using a LOW LIGHT TONER to cool down some of the warm tones on the sides and bringing the hair to about a level 7. On the top sections we want to tone the hair to about an 8.5.

with the foils in and the TONER applied, we were careful to lay the foils to that the lower sections would not over darken from the toner on the top sections of hair.

while jessica’s toner processes, veronica steps back into the chair. we like to use our time in the salon as efficiently as possible!

with her toner all rinsed, we’ll be prepping her hair for styling with some wonderful nvenn products. we start with nvenn ‘replenish’ restoration oil.

next we will be applying nvenn ‘protect’ to form a thermal barrier that protects the hair from heat tools.

next is nvenn ‘volume’ heat activated volumizer to boost those roots.

we’ll finish the style with nvenn ‘fix nvenn’ flexible working hairspray.

you can see these products and more at

after 7 and a half hours we are all done with jessica’s new J-LO INSPIRED look, and it looks fantastic

if you have any questions or comments, leave them in the section below and be sure to like and subscribe @nvennhairbeauty. stay tuned for a new video every week

see ya next time <3

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