how to do LOWLIGHTS for gray hair

veronica here! today i'm going to show you a super quick video on how to BLEND OUT gray hair. oftentimes, we have clients that want to get rid of some of their gray hair, but maybe not necessarily all of their gray hair. they want to have a color that's going to be low maintenance because if they have quite a bit of gray and you put a solid color on them, what's going to happen is that in two or three weeks? they're going to see that great big line of demarcation. 

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clients like amanda don't want to have to come into the salon all the time like that, so what I'm going to do is an awesome LOWLIGHTS technique that breaks up the gray, that gets rid of a good chunk of the gray, and softens the whole look.

low lights for gray hair

take a look at amanda's hair. she has a ton of gray new growth and you can see some dark color on her ends. she's already had some brown put into her hair before. that brown that's her natural color, so what i'm going to be is alternate between slices and weave. reason for those slices being i do want to see those thicker pieces of color coming through. with your clients, you get to play with whether you want to do all slices, slices and weaves, or all weaves. 

low lights foil

where people don't want to see the grays is at the top and on the sides around the front, so that's exactly where we're going to be putting the FOILS. we're going to be doing the entire top section, the back crown, and everything on the front on the sides. we're going to be leaving out the back section in the nape because that's not very visible. also, typically in the back area in the nape, we have less grays, so the hair looks darker anyways, and we want to really, with this look, mimic what her hair would look like naturally if there were just less gray. 

we now have blended out the gray and we see this very nice, natural looking brown color still with gray, but less gray. the great thing about this is that it adds the color back into the hair, it's going to be low maintenance, we're not going to have to worry about amanda coming in every three weeks to do a root touch-up because we can see where that line starts. all in all, this is a beautiful color to do on your clients that want to freshen up their look but not completely get rid of their gray. 

let me know if you have any questions about it. leave a comment below. i will make sure to get that answered for you right away.

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