how to do SMOKEY BEIGE hair (+ testing two NEW lighteners)

today we’re doing veronica’s hair! she’ll need a major COLOR CORRECTION before i create the SMOKEY BEIGE hair. i’ll also be testing out 2 NEW lighteners and comparing them to blondeme.



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comparing 2 NEW lighteners 

i’m testing out two new lighteners on the market. 

  1. the davines liberty lightener (their new on scalp bleach)
  2. the scruple’s 9 levels of lift lightener

i’m going to conduct this test on the bottom of veronica’s hair on both the level 1 new growth and level 5 artificial color. on the left is davines and on the right is scruples. for the rest of veronica’s head, i’m going to use our current favorite lightener: blondeme. 

i’m going to need to do this in different steps to address all three levels in veronica’s hair.

applying the LIGHTENER

i’m starting with mixing the davines. right away i notice it’s extremely messy. dust particles are flying everywhere. i had to mix it 3:1 to get a good consistency. scruples didn’t seem to be as difficult.

with the different lighteners applied, i’m going to do the rest of veronica’s head in the blonde me. 


you can see that the blonde me is really lifting the hair. 

the scruples on the right is by far the warmest, making the davines lightener second. 

with the hair dried, the blonde me is clearly the winner. both davines and scruples lifted to the same. veronica noted that the scruples made her head itch a bit. so, the liberty scalp bleach is at least a bit more gentle. 

let’s move on. now i need to address to the persistent orange in veronica’s hair. i’m going to put another round of blonde me and 30 vol on the orange portions of her hair. 

now that i’ve completed another round of lightening, i’m ready to move on to lightening the rest of the head. i’m going to pick out the individual brown strands that need to be lightened across the entire head. 

here are the foils all done! 

COLORING the hair

the lightener is washed out.  now it’s time to tone. 

after i’ve toned with a level 8, i’m finally at the perfect palette. now i can finally apply the SMOKEY BEIGE color. i’ve mixed ½ smokey silver and ½ beige. with express toners, the color processes fast. move quick and make sure you start at the bottom.

with the initial color applied, i’m going to apply ½ 8.22 from j beverly hills to the hair and wash out.

and here’s the hair in NATURAL LIGHT!

this shine is all thanks to our ‘replenish’ oil. after such an intense round of lightening, instilling moisture back into the hair is vital. if you have any questions, comments, or video requests: ask us @nvennhairbeauty on Youtube and Instagram.

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