how to do TEAL HAIR with a color melt

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hey guys! veronica is here with montana, you may remember her from our dusty violet video.

she is back now because the color has faded out. as you can see her hair has also grown a lot. her hair grows very quickly.

what veronica is doing today is taking her hair to a nice TEAL color.

analyzing the HAIR

first, because her hair has become a bit warm- which is very typically for blondes- veronica is going to have to TONE this out first to as white as possible, then she can put the color on after.

PROTIP: you want to think of this as painting. we want to give ourselves the best canvas possible so the color can show through well. color will show the best on a blank white canvas.

when picasso was painting he would obviously reach for a new, blank canvas. he wouldn't pick one that had a yellow or warm tinge to it because, that would show through in the color.

if we were doing a warmer color like a red, orange or yellow then this would not be such a big deal. however, with a teal or blue we have to have a clean palette. if there is any yellow in the color it will mix with the blue and create green.

we want to get this as NEUTRAL as possible so the blue can show through really well.

TONING the hair

veronica has her at the sink now and is going to spray her down. she wants the hair just SLIGHTLY DAMP so it can absorb the color better.

think of it like a sponge- a damp sponge is going to absorb better than a completely dry sponge. on the flip side, we don't want the hair sopping wet because that will cause the same effect and the hair will not be able to absorb as much.

this step does not have to be extremely precise but veronica does want to make sure we get all of it toned. she is going to clip up sections and do one section at a time.

we are TONING her hair with a combination of formulas. this is going to give her a nice neutral color.

be sure to comb through the hair to ensure it is evenly saturated.\

here is the toner in the hair. you can already see how well it is neutralizing out that warm. veronica is going to process for the full time.

PROTIP: right before washing out the toner, emulsify the hair with a little bit of water into the toner to make sure everything is saturated. after you do this for a few minutes, we are going to rinse out.

we are all toned out now. we’ve given her a rough blow dry because we don't want her hair sopping wet when we do the color. this will dilute the color. we also don't want the hair bone dry, because the dampness will allow the color to absorb better, like the toner.

you can see now, how nice this palette is a nice light neutral color so we can put the teal and the blue on top.

COLORING the hair

in one bowl we have the teal which is going to be the DARKER color.

on the LIGHTER side, we have a joico color which will accent our dark teal color.  the teal is going to be the more powerful pigment so we want more of the blue to dilute it down to the color we are looking for.

it’s best to mix these colors with a whisk because you want to make sure the color is evenly mixed up. mixing with a brush can cause one color to over deposit in one spot causing it to have different pockets of dark and light in the color bowl.

veronica is starting with the darker teal here. we want to make sure to overlap onto the black slightly. even though the hair is black it will take some of the tint and it will help with the COLOR MELT. this way we will have a very nice fade from dark to teal then to the lighter teal on the ends.

make sure to saturate the hair fully and FEATHER the color into the ends.

veronica also combs the color through the hair. however, we do not want to pull the color all the way through onto the ends. we will pull the comb through until the teal ends, stop, and lift the comb out of the hair. this will keep the hair nice and clean as we place it on the foil.

make sure you are CLEANING your hands in between sections and keeping your workspace clean. we do not want the colors mixing.

because we are in the same family of color, it is going to be much more forgiving. if you were working with colors that aren't in the same family- like a blue and a yellow- you do not want those colors mixing together. it will look very messy and you will not get the color you want out of it.

here is the DARKER TEAL all applied. we are ready to move onto the lighter blue-teal. we are going to start painting it on.

be sure to feather it into the darker teal. we are going to be MELTING the colors together and combing it through to make sure it is saturated.

you want to pay attention to the color choices. again, because this is in the same family we are going to be able to melt the color easily. depending on your color choices you may not be able to pull all the way through in the same way.

here is the color all applied:

you can see how the color is ALREADY depositing into the hair and we are seeing it show through.

veronica will also work the color into the hair- making sure the color is COMPLETELY SATURATED.

work the color through the hair by rubbing it into the hair. again paying attention to the different tones and being careful not to let the darker color bleed onto the lighter portion.

you do not want to rub the colors together, so remember to stay within the same colored section. then wipe your gloves, and work through the ends.

we are ready to WASH OUT!

WASHING the hair out

veronica is using ICE COLD water to make sure we don't strip out any of the color.

the client will need to continue with ice cold showers to maintain the color for as long as possible.

now, veronica is shampooing the roots with nvenn ‘wash’ low sudsing color safe shampoo - she is NOT going to shampoo the ends at all. we don't want to be pulling out any color.

we will then rinse her roots out and condition with nvenn ‘polish’ daily repairing conditioner.

STYLING the hair

veronica will put in the ‘replenish’ strength restoration oil. you can really see this oil give the hair life again. it's great for after color because it's going to add some strength to it. this way it has the MOISTURE and SHINE. best of all- it's going to reflect your colors the best. use after colors and day to day to make your hair feel good!

next we are going to be putting in ‘protect’, which is an awesome style primer and heat protectant for the hair. this is going to help your hair dry faster, and is going to PROTECT your hair from heat damage and split ends. not to mention it smells amazing in the hair.

the FINAL look

alright! we are all done with montana's color now. check out how awesome it looks!

we can really see this ocean of colors.

if you have an questions about this hair leave a comment below. if you'd like to see a different color let us know at @nvennhairbueaty. don't forget to subscribe! see you next friday xoxo

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