how to dye BRIGHT RED hair

hello, welcome to today's video! jessica here. 

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today i’m going to be showing you how to get a BRIGHT RED  hair that LASTS!

tone bright red hair

she started with about 4 or 5 inches of ROOTS and some OTHER COLOR on the rest.

SNAPSHOT of what we need to do

getting an even result on holly’s hair will be a bigger process than one might think. here’s a little snapshot of what you will see me do. first, i lightened it, then i tone the hair TWICE before putting on the final color. STAY TUNED. i’m going to show you how to achieve this look.

breaking down the plan

this is what i’m starting with. she has quite a bit of regrowth and the rest of her hair is in the realm of a level 5. the end result i want to have is a bright violety red/ burgundy color.

so this is actually kind of tricky because i want to lift it all to about a LEVEL 7 and NOT MUCH LIGHTER than that. i'll explain why in a second. 

i'm going to use lightener with 20 VOL ON HER ROOTS and then i'm going to go through and just put lightener and 30 VOL ON THE ENDS and it should process relatively evenly. 

PRO TIP: when you know the rules, you will know how you can break them!

if you look at ANY CHART in ANY color book, you will see that red doesn't naturally “live” on any levels higher than a level 6. BUT, the end result i’m going for ISN’T a natural looking red that you would see someone born with. with that being said, i want the red to STAY as bright as it can for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.


i’m going to lighten her hair to a level of 7-7.5. by doing this, we will remove enough pigment so that the red can show through AND we will leave the BEST foundation of natural pigment for the artificial color to grab onto.

after the lightener has PROCESSED

i've only put the lightener onto her roots and it's already light enough so i am going to rinse it now. we don't want it to go too light because the color won't have any LONGEVITY.

here, you can see your hair has lightened perfectly. this is exactly what we want for her roots because that LITTLE BIT OF ORANGE is going to give the red some depth to hold on to. 

now i'm going to mix lightener with 30 vol and start applying the lightener on the darker band of color in her hair before pulling it through on the rest of her ends.

the lightener is now done processing and it is PERFECT! time to rinse!

as i always say, there are NO SHORTCUTS to great hair. you can see here roots are quite a bit later than her ends. so FIRST, we must even out her base. you can see that 7.34 is a great fill color.

here is her hair FILLED WITH 7.34 and as you can see it's one solid color root to end. i'm going to go ahead and put on my second toner (7.66 from TIGI color) to give a nice red base before our final color (this is will give the color MAXIMUM defense against fading.

so here is holly's hair after the SECOND TONER. 

for the final color, i’m going to be mixing 7.77 IN J BEVERLY HILLS and 9-9.8 IN IGORA ROYAL from the schwarzkopt line.

okay, here's her hair rinsed out! you can see it’s perfect; it’s EVEN root to end.


heat makes everything FADE. we've all seen it! if you don’t believe me, pay attention to the color of your tee shirt when you pull it out of the dryer. it always comes out a bit lighter than before you put it in. 
HEAT PROTECTANT helps to protect your hair from fading by putting a thin barrier between your hair and your hot tool. your hot tool will burn that away rather than burning your hair. 

before you start styling, give your hair a good coat of nvenn's 'protect' heat shield

PRO TIP: you can show your clients the importance of heat protector by doing a little demo. take a piece of colored extension hair and hold a flat iron to it for just a couple seconds. you'll be able to see how much the color fades. do the exact same thing with heat protectant on the hair first and you’ll notice that the color FADES LESS (that’s if the heat protector actually works of course). even if you are only slowing the fading down by a little bit, it’s definitely worth it!

i'm also going to put in some of nvenn's 'fix’ flexible working hair spray to give her blow out some beautiful texture.

i am going to put in some 'replenish' strength restoration oil to keep it STRONG and SLEEK.


here is her hair all done.


that's it for today's video. i hope you enjoyed it. if you have any questions or comments, leave them down below. we will get back to you. 

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