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how to dye BRIGHT RED hair

hello, welcome to today's video! jessica here. 

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today i’m going to be showing you how to get a BRIGHT RED color of hair. 

tone bright red hair

she started with about 4 or 5 inches of ROOTS and another really dark color on the rest.

this is actually quite a big process because once we lightened it, i have to tone the hair TWICE once to NEUTRALIZE it even at the pallet. 

then i had to put on another toner it to give it the base before we could put the final color on. so stay tuned. i’m going to show you how to achieve this look.

breaking down the plan

okay, so you can see what i’m starting with here. she has quite a bit of root and then, she has this about like LEVEL 5-ISH color.

so this is actually kind of tricky because i want to lift it all to about a LEVEL 7 and i'll explain why in a second. but i want it to all lift really evenly. so the question comes- do i put it on her roots for us, which are going to lift really quick? or the bottom since it only needs to be a couple of levels later? so what i decided is i'm going to use lightener with 20 ON HER ROOTS and then i'm going to go through and just put 30 ON THE ENDS and it should process relatively evenly. 

so the end result i want to have is a really bright violety red burgundy type color. 

now the thing to know is that red doesn't naturally live at these higher levels, but this is what i’m going to have to lighten it to you to get that kind of BRIGHTNESS. so as a result, her hair is going to fade a little quicker, but that's okay. 

after the lightener has PROCESSED

so we're actually gonna RINSE it now. i've only put the lightener onto her roots and it's already light enough. we don't want it to go too light because it won't have any LONGEVITY. and then i'll go ahead and put the lightener on her ends afterwards. 

here, you can see your hair has lightened perfectly. this is exactly what we want for her roots because that LITTLE BIT OF ORANGE is going to give the red some depth to hold on to you. now i'm going to mix lightener with 30 i'm going to do the darker band of color first and then pull it through to the ends.

okay, here's the here. all done is PERFECT. this is kind of the level that i wanted at her roots are going to be too light, but what i’m going to do is we're going to TONE her her roots darker first before i put the color on. 

so as i always say, there are NO SHORTCUTS to great hair. you can see here roots are quite a bit later than her ends. so what i'm gonna do here is take this filler and put it on first before i put on her actual red, just to give it more of an even base to apply the color onto it.

here is her hair FILLED WITH 7.34 you can see it's one solid color root to end. i'm going to go ahead and put on seven, seven, six, six from tg. 

so here is holly's hair after the SECOND TONER. 

so for the final color, i’m going to be mixing 7.77 IN BEVERLY HILLS and 9-9.8 IN AGORA ROYAL from the shorts cost line. 

okay, here's the color. all done! you can see is perfect, really EVEN root to end. 

PRODUCTS are key

so what's really important about having these really funky colors is HEAT PROTECTOR. heat makes everything FADE. we've all seen it. when you put a tee shirt into the dryer after it comes out, once it comes up that little a little bit lighter. 

so with these colors especially well with all hair, but these colors especially, you really want to coat it with nvenn's 'protect' heat shield. so that has this thin barrier, PROTECTING it from the heat. and you can try it, if you ever have really bright hair, take a piece of it and even just under inside, take a flatter and hold it on for just a couple seconds. you'll see how much it actually fades. it's quite a bit. 

i'm also going to put in some of nvenn's 'fix’ flexible working hair spray

i am also make sure to coat in our 'replenish' strength restoration oil to keep it STRONG and SLEEK.

that's it for today's video. i hope you enjoyed it. if you have any questions or comments, leave them down below. we will get back to you. 

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see you next week! bye XOXO

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