how to EVENLY lighten dark roots to blonde hair


hey guys. so we're back with montana. look at how her hair has grown. you can... down. so you'll remember montana from when we did black to blonde in one day. we did a back-to-back foil, and now you can see where her hair has grown out. so what we're going to be doing today, we're not going to have to foil it all because now we just have new growths.

we're just going to be doing a on-scalp bleach and tone. but what's happened now that it's been so much time is that, obviously, we can see by how much regrowth there is that it's been a few months for sure.

and so, what we're going to have to do is we're going to have to lighten this a little bit different, because the first little bit of new growth is going to lighten out really quickly, because that's close to her scalp. the hair is not fully keratinized yet, and plus we had heat. but the next portion of new growth, which is probably about, let's say an inch-and-a-half area is fully keratinized, which means the keratin has hardened. 

it's going to be a little bit harder to lift out, and it doesn't have the heat from the scalp. so we're going to have to go through that first, lift that out, go back and do the new growth. and then what we're also going to do, is that we're going to pull this onto the ends as well, and we're going to be lifting out her blonde lighter. so it's going to be a little bit of a process, but we're going to get it to a nice lighter blonde.

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so this is how we have montana's hair sectioned out, very simple, just in four quadrants. so, right down the center she wears it, so we'll keep it that way. just right above the ears, all the way to the top, and then all the way down the center back here. it's very good to keep organized when you're doing anything like this, just so that you can make sure to keep your sections very clean and work very quickly.

so we're going to start applying the LIGHTENER to the new growth section that is about half inch to three quarters of an inch from the scalp. the reason why we're going to start here is that this portion of the new growth is going to take longer to lift out than the portion right by the scalp.

the portion by the scalp is not fully KERATINIZED yet and has the heat from the scalp, so will lift much quicker. so we're going to apply this section first, and then move back and do the new growth after so we can ensure an even processing time.

here is the lightener all applied to that section. now i'm going to work our way through the sections again, and we're going to apply to that first half an inch to three quarters of an inch that's close to the scalp.

we're going to stay very organized as well, starting at the bottom of the section using a comb, and working our way up. we are complete, the first lightener application. we're going to let this process, and then rinse it out. we can take a look at how nicely this is processing. we can see how even this is. we're ready to rinse out now, so let's go to the sink.

after a quick power dry, we can see how evenly the roots have LIFTED. we have a nice even pallet in all of the new growth area, from scalp to about that three-inch section that we had. now, we're going to do our second lightening process. we have our hair sectioned in four quadrants again, just to keep organized.

we are now going to go through and do our second lightening because we've done the heavy lifting portion now. we're going to be applying from straight onto the scalp onto the new growth darker area.

the very front portion of the hair right around the face typically lightens out quicker and faster than the rest of the hair, so we're going to leave that out for now, because we don't need as much lightening as the rest of the hair.

when working onto the side sections, it's easiest to use vertical sectioning patterns because you're able to just pull the hair back away from the face and have it neatly sitting away and off the face. 

next, we're going to go through and now PAINT the lightener onto the ends. once that's all complete, we can go back to those sections now that we left out around the face, and we're going to repaint onto those sections to lift them out slightly a bit as well.

we have our whole second application of lightener applied now. we're going to let that process, and then we're going to rinse out. this is her lightener all rinsed out of the hair. we can see how nice and even her palate is now, and we're ready to tone. 

here are her TONERS. on the left here, we have three quarters of matrix color sync 8p, plus a quarter of pravana express toners ice. on the right here, we're going to be using a straight 9p with matrix color sync.

we're first going to be applying the toner to the new growth area that has a darker section, so it is a little bit darker. again, just about half inch to three quarters of an inch from the scalp, so we're going to start there. we are going to leave out the very light section closest to the scalp because that will overtone if we tone that right now, and we're going to come back to that once we're complete. 

once complete, we're going to move to applying the toner onto the ends. now, with the toner applied to everywhere except right closest to the scalp, we're now going to work our way back, and go through and apply directly onto the scalp for that first half inch to three quarters of an inch.

toning out the darker pigment areas that need more processing time first, ensures that we're going to have an even tone, an even palate once the entire head processes. this is the entire head applied now for the toner, and we can see now how even the hair is looking.

there you guys have it. we're all done, montana's hair, so this is how you guys want to evenly lift out black roots to blonde. try this. look out for yourself. if you guys have any questions, please leave a comment below. i'll make sure to get right back to you.

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other than that, guys, make sure you're going out and changing the world through hair and beauty. go out there and make an impact in your world because you can, and that's all. i'll see you guys next week. bye beauty activists.

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