how to FOIL and style FINE HAIR

today we will be discussing how to FOIL and style FINE HAIR.


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dealing with FINE hair can be challenging. when the highlights aren’t spaced out properly, a common result is that the color will look CHUNKIER at the top of the hair strand than nearly DISAPPEAR towards the bottom. there are some tips and tricks that i will be sharing that’ll make sure your highlights look FLUID from root to end. i will also go over ways to STYLE FINER hair so it doesn’t look LIMP and/ or WEIGHED DOWN by product.

analyze the hair

first, you’ll want to analyze the hair to examine the DENSITY or THICKNESS. ressa has FINE HAIR (so the actual STRAND of hair is thin) and has a MEDIUM DENSITY (aka she has a medium size army of skinny girls:D )

FOILING the hair

PRO TIP: there is no cookie cutter way of explaining how thick your ‘slice of hair’ needs to be. you will need to VISUALIZE what your end result will look like with the ‘THICKNESS OF SLICE’ that you chose. YOU WILL NEED TO CHOOSE A THICKNESS THAT LOOKS EVEN FROM ROOT TO END. if the section is too thin, the roots will look chunky and the color will disappear closer to the ends.

PRO TIP: another common problem to be aware of is putting your foils too close together. if the foils are too close, it’ll APPEAR as a SOLID COLOR, NOT as HIGHLIGHTS.

if you would like to see a live demo of this, you can watch the live demo we recorded.

i am using SLICES for my highlights. SLICES will give a result of beautiful PANELS of color coming through.

now for the top section → ‘and THE PART’

ressa typically wears her part on her FAR LEFT.

PRO TIP: when working with ‘THE PART’, a good rule of thumb is to foil the PERPENDICULAR to the part. for example, if the hair is parted on the left, i would foil the hair ANGLED towards the right (aka perpendicular). this will prevent giving the client a “STRIPY” look. if my foils were parallel to the part, it would fall from the part like “racing stripes”.

i am also going to use WEAVES for the top section instead of slices. slices would work too, you just need to be really careful that there’s enough hair left out to prevent the hair from looking over highlighted.

PRO TIP: you till need to RE-EXAMINE the hair density to determine the type of WEAVE that you will be doing. today we will be doing a MEDIUM WEAVE on ressa.

once the top section is done, i will finish off the back 2 sections of her head using slices.

this is actually my favorite FOILING PATTERN! it always gives the most diffused result.

PRO TIP: section the side sections just behind the ears. if the sides are any smaller than this, the back sections would be too big, making them very difficult to work with.

after the color PROCESSED, i RINSE and WASH the hair and start the style.


the key to the perfect style is to start with a quick,  POWER DRY. when hair is fully saturated with water, it can’t soak up much else. today, i am misting in nvenn’s ‘fix’ spray. this is going to add a bit of GRITTINESS, adding a bit of TEXTURE similar ‘DAY OLD HAIR’.

next and most importantly add nvenn’s ‘protect’, HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY.

afterward, it’s a matter of BLOW DRYING. first, start power drying their hair with your FINGERS. using just my HANDS you can see how FULL the hair looks. now that it is ALMOST FULLY DRY we are able to get a brush into the hair.

you can finally see that the color BLENDS EVENLY throughout the hair. ressa can definitely feel the INCREASE in VOLUME that her hair has.

make sure to leave any questions below and always follow @nvennhairbeauty. thanks for giving us your time and stay tuned for another blog next week. xoxoxo

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