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make your ponytail look LONGER without extensions.

we’ve all gushed over instagram models with luscious long pony tails. unfortunately, very few of us have the hair required for those looks or the money to get extensions.  which is why today we’re going to share a #hairhack for making your hair look longer WITHOUT extensions.

the BIG SECRET to this style?  you’re actually going to create 2 ponytails.

PREPPING the hair

FIRST, we’re going to the prep the hair with nvenn’s ‘clean,’ a dry shampoo that will absorb excess grease as well as prep the hair for a day spent tied up.  

SECOND, we’re going to do is BACKCOMB the top section. we want to make sure that we’re adding some volume to the style.

how to get longer hair WITHOUT extensions 1

how to get longer hair without extentions 2

you want to take even sections into your hand when backcombing. make sure that you backcomb the same amount of strokes for each section.

making the PONYTAILS

with the top section backcombed, you’re ready to make your FIRST ponytail. you’re going to gather all of the hair in the center of the head, leaving a perimeter around the head.

how to get longer hair WITHOUT extensions 3

take the time to smooth out the hair before you put the hair tie in your hair.  if you try to smooth it out afterwards, it will cause your ponytail to fall.

how to get longer hair WITHOUT extensions 4


with the FIRST PONYTAIL FINISHED, you’re ready to make the second and finalize the style.

for the SECOND PONYTAIL, you want to take all of the remaining hair and tie it in a ponytail above the first ponytail.

how to get longer hair WITHOUT extensions 5

leave a small portion at the very back.use a comb to smooth the hair (and loosen if you see fit).

now you should have 2 PONYTAILS in a line on your head:

how to get longer hair WITHOUT extensions 6


last, you want to hide that second ponytail.  take the small portion you left on the back and wrap it around the bottom ponytail.  fasten the hair with 2 bobby pins, using a criss-cross format.

how to get longer hair WITHOUT extensions 7

you’ll repeat this process for the top ponytail, but you’ll use a portion of the top ponytail to do so.

the end result is a LONGER ponytail that looks gorgeous at holiday parties or in the office:

how to get longer hair WITHOUT extensions 8

if you’re looking to add a little more the look, try curling your ends for a romantic touch to this gorgeous style.

would you try this #hairhack? tell us in the comments :)

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