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how to get rid of COWLICKS

today we’re going to share how to get rid of COWLICKS.  to do so, we’re borrowing a helping hand from our new stylist madison who just so happens to suffer from annoying cowlicks. 

in madison’s case, the cowlick is right in the front of her bangs. which is especially annoying considering that madison LOVES wearing straight-cross bangs. luckily, we’ve got a few styling tactics up our sleeve that will ELIMINATE her COWLICK and get her out the door.

image of cowlick

here’s what you’ll need:

  1. nvenn’s ‘protect’ heat protectant
  2. a denman brush
  3. a fine-tooth comb

STEP 1: PREPARING the hair with ‘protect’

how to get rid of cowlicks 2

first, we’re going to MIST in some of nvenn’sprotect’ HEAT PROTECTANT to dampen the hair a bit.  simply mist the product through the area you’re trying to remove the cowlick from.  not only will this provide the damp environment we need to pull out the cowlick, it will also PROTECT from the heat damage of the blow dryer.


STEP 2:  blow drying with the DENMAN brush and FINISHING the style

there’s something MAGICAL about this denman brush.  the way the brussels meet with the rubber creates just enough electricity to PULL that cowlick right out.

how to get rid of cowlick 3

brush the hair from LEFT to RIGHT vigorously while blow drying the hair out. (just a warning: this can hurt just a little bit, but remember- just a little bit of pain for PERFECT hair)

do this for about a minute or two . in madison’s case, we’re going to finish by combing the hair towards the front with a FINE TOOTH COMB and styling her bands in the straight-across style she loves.

how to get rid of cowlick 4

it really is that simple!  so pocket this #hairhack from your favorite and stylists and use it on your own cowlicks.  

if you’re looking for a DENMAN brush of your own, we’ve got them on the website!  (we’ve even got an ADORABLE travel size denman brush, too).  

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