there’s nothing quite like that FRESH from the salon color.  unfortunately, the day after your salon appointment starts the age old color problem: HOW TO KEEP YOUR HAIR COLOR FROM FADING.

the major downfall of COLORING YOUR HAIR is maintaining the color.  black hair fades the least, follow by blondes (the color itself won't fade but the town will) browns are next, and reds are the worsts with a quick fade that requires the attention. funky colors lead the fading race and will require more than a touch-up appointment every 6 weeks. 

so let’s take the time to answer the #1 problem people with artificially colored hair face: FADING.  in this blog, we’re going to show you 3 WAYS to KEEP YOUR HAIR COLOR FROM FADING.


how to keep you hair from fading

before we dive into protecting your hair color, we need to address a very important aspect of COLORING YOUR HAIR:

YOU NEED TO HAVE HEALTHY HAIR BEFORE DYING IT! no matter what you're told, color will not last on damaged hair.  damaged hair will always fade quicker than healthy hair.  

NEED to REPAIR DAMAGED HAIR?  start with a good shampoo and conditioner that has protein in it.  use in your hair 1 or 2 times a week.  replace your conditions with the protein mask and let it sit on your hair for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it out.  whatever you do, DON’T sleep in your protein mask overnight or use it daily.  overloading your hair can make it too heavy and cause your hair to break.

now that we’ve got that covered, let’s talk about MAKING HAIR COLOR LAST.


hot water will KILL your hair color.  the CUTICLE is the protective layer of your hair that locks in color molecules.  when you wash your hair with hot water, the cuticle opens up and allows YOUR HAIR COLOR TO LEAK OUT OF YOUR HAIR.  

so to KEEP YOUR COLOR VIBRANT you need to use cold water.   COLD water seals the cuticle and locks in your color. the colder, the better.  don’t make yourself sick in a cold shower, but do your best to wash your hair with ICY COLD WATER.  keeping your cuticles tightly sealed also makes your hair shinier and gives it a smooth surface to reflect off of.  


SULPHATES are hidden in hundreds of hair care products.  these cheap cleansers are ULTRA HARSH on your hair and strip the color faster.  SULPHATES are found in the same common household cleaners you can find on your closet.  just think about it: why would you ever want to put that on your hair?

get a SULPHATE FREE SHAMPOO to wash your hair with.  quality cleansers like our WASH doesn't suds on your hair and is gentle on scalp and hair follicles.


did you know the pH level of water is high enough to STRIP THE COLOR OUT OF YOUR HAIR?  the more you wash your hair, the MORE YOUR HAIR COLOR WILL FADE.  try to reduce the amount of times that you wash your hair in a given week.  

you may experience some excess body oil, but don’t worry!  as your body gets used to it’s new washing schedule, the oil production will slow down.  in the meantime, keep your hair looking fresh with nvenn’s CLEAN on the days you don’t wash.  not only will it deodorize your scalp, it will absorb light grease and fresh your hair.

you may event want to consider other factors such as sun exposure and water quality.  if you're living in the sunshine or staying extended hours, it's going to damage your hair.   in the same way, salt water from the ocean or waters with different pH levels can strip the hair color. yes, we know you aren't going to wash your hair in salt water... we're just reminding you to protect it :)

at the end of the day, there is no such thing as everlasting hair color.  you can prevent your hair from fading quickly, but you’ll still need to see a stylist every 6 weeks to refresh your roots and show your hair some love.

as always, feel free to ask us any hair care questions you may have in the comments :)

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