how to PICK the BEST HAIRCUT for your FACE SHAPE.

the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION that EVERY STYLIST hears at least once a day is:


the answer isn’t a single style, but more a SET OF GUIDELINES. there are 9 FACE SHAPES that provide guidelines for stylists and clients.  generally speaking, certain hairstyles are more fitting on certain FACE SHAPES.  in this blog, we’re going to talk about how to FIND YOUR FACE SHAPE and PICK THE BEST HAIRSTYLES for it.  

but before we move onto FACE SHAPES, we have to mention the #1 rule about rocking any hairstyle: CONFIDENCE.  at the end of the day, confidence can throw any hair rule out the window.  sure, there are hairstyles that are more ideal for certain face shapes but if you’re in love with a style… DO YOU!


as we mentioned above, everyone’s face shape tends to fit under 9 face shapes.


people with an OBLONG FACE SHAPE have a face than is slightly longer than it is wide.  if you have an oblong face shape, you want to avoid overly lengthy cuts as the length can cause your face to look longer.


considered the IDEAL FACE SHAPE for any length or style of hair.  when a person has an OVAL FACE SHAPE, the length of their face is equal to 1 ½ times the width.


the ROUND FACE SHAPE is characterized by a face that is as wide as it is long.  ROUND FACE SHAPES don’t mesh well with short and blunt haircuts.  LENGTHY styles help to elongate and narrow the face.  #PROTIP: go with feathered bangs instead of thick, heavy, or blunt bangs.


when a face shape is RECTANGULAR, the face is longer than it is wide and highlights a prominent jaw and forehead.  much like oblong face shapes, RECTANGULAR FACE SHAPES are longer and should avoid excessively long styles to avoid lengthening the face.  rock some mid-length cuts!


a SQUARE FACE SHAPE is equally long as it is wide and has a prominent JAW and FOREHEAD.   these face shapes shine with long layers and a-line bobs.  these strong lines help to SOFTEN STRONG FACIAL FEATURES.  try to avoid hair cuts above your jawline.


PROMINENT JAW BONES AND CHEEKBONES define this shape. this face shape FLAUNTS a GRADUATED BOB.  known for their body and volume, GRADUATED BOBS are perfect for TRIANGULAR FACE SHAPES.  you can also rock shorter layers to add additional volume to your styling process.


defined by a narrow jawline and narrow forehead, with the widest part starting at the cheekbones.  lucky for you ladies and gentlemen, this face shape works well with MANY DIFFERENT STYLES.  if you’re worried about your forehead and jawline, go with a style that has a lot of body and volume.


INVERTED TRIANGLE FACE SHAPES has a strong forehead, cheekbones, and a narrow jawline. look for styles with that are full around your neck and nape area.  this will will in the narrow features of your face and give the appearance of balance.  but it’s not a negative! you’re also one of the few face shapes that can rock PIXIE CUTS.


the HEART FACE SHAPE has a wide forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jawline.  more often that not, people with this shape will have a WIDOW’S PEAK that helps give their face a HEART appearance.  much like inverted triangle face shapes, HEART FACE SHAPES work well with styles that are fuller around the neck and fill in the jawline.  PIXIES and SHOULDER LENGTH CUTS will be your best friend.  

once you’ve figured out WHAT YOUR FACE SHAPE IS, choosing a style that you’re happy with is MUCH EASIER.  try to think about your face shape and the features you’d like to add to (or take away from) when considering hairstyles.   for example: if you love your cheekbones, start the layering in your hair at your cheekbones to draw attention to them.

you may also want to take your HAIR GROWTH PATTERNS into consideration before choosing a style.   don’t be afraid to ASK A STYLIST for guidance if you’re not sure how your hair grows!  they’re AWESOME PEOPLE and are ALWAYS willing to help people feel good about their hair :)

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