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how to pin your hair into a BOB

love the BOB hairstyle but can’t commit to the haircut? this #hairhack will let you enjoy the ELEGANT bob style without the commitment of cutting your hair.


what you’ll need:

  • bobby pins
  • invisi-ring traceless hair tie
  • nvenn ‘fix’ flexible working hair spray
  • a fine-toothed comb

step 1: adding VOLUME

FIRST, you’ll want to add volume to the hair by backcombing around the top of the head and the very bottom.

how to pin your hair into a BOB 1

since we’ll be pinning the hair in the bottom, adding a bit of backcombing to the base of your head gives you something to actually pin the bobby pin into.

to get even volume, make sure your BACKCOMBING in even sections with the same amount of strokes.

how to pin your hair into a BOB 2

once you’re done backcombing, use your comb to SMOOTH it all down. pay attention to your part and how you’d like it to appear.

how to pin your hair into a bob 3

with the hair all smoothed down, you’re ready to get started on your BOB.

how to pin your hair into a BOB 4


step 2: TYING BACK the hair

SECOND, you want to take the invisiring hair tie and pull all the hair back. you want to make sure the ponytail is resting low and not too tight on your head.

how to pin your hair into a BOB 5

how to pin your hair into a BOB 6

once you have the ponytail in, you want to pull the ponytail under and begin pinning the hair in.

how to pin your hair into a BOB 7

make sure you use 2 bobby pins for each pinning point, and make a criss-cross with them. pin in to the backcombing, this will ensure that they stay in place and it does not move around. depending on how long and thick your hair is, you may need to use multiple sets of bobby pins to pin your hair in place.

how to pin your hair into a BOB 8

step 3: shaping and FINALIZING the style

all that’s left to do now is shape the style and spray it with nvenn’s ‘fix’ flexible hair spray. as you spray, you can pull down any naturally shorter layers to further the look.

HAIR TIP: if you have little hairs sticking out that you want to spray down, spray some ‘fix’ hair spray on your hands and use your hands to mold it in place. let the hair spray dry in place to hold down those pesky hairs.

and you’re ALL DONE!

how to pin your hair into a BOB 9

how to pin your hair into a BOB 10

this style is perfect for daily wear or evening events. would you use this #hairhack? leave us a comment in the section below!

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