how to properly BACKCOMB your hair

looking for VOLUME? a good BACKCOMBING of your hair can provide that full-bodied look we’re all going for.  however, backcombing can destroy your hair if not done PROPERLY.  which brings us to the subject of this week’s video and blog: how to properly BACKCOMB your hair without causing damage and keeping your style in tact ALL DAY.



what you’ll need:

  • a fine tooth comb
  • nvenn’s ‘fix’ flexible working hairspray


how to backcomb hair 1

start at the TOP of your head and take sections that are about 1 inch or 1 ½ inch wide and hold is straight up above your head. spray ‘fix’ on the piece of hair. on the bottom side of the section, put the comb in your hair about 4 inches from the root and gently pull down.


how to backcomb hair 2

do NOT rip or pull aggressively.  softly and slowly. do not go up and down, you will tear the hair. REPEAT the process 5-6 times, taking note to move a bit higher on the hair each time before moving on to the next section.  

this motion create a tight and compact section that’s spongy and VOLUMINOUS. (we’ll show you how to take the beast after we’re done backcombing)

you will repeat this process down a few sections down the head, as well fill out the sides of your style with BACKCOMBING.


how to back comb hair 3

as you section, remember that BIGGER IS BETTER.  it’s easier to add more volume to big section of hair than to go back and try to add more BACKCOMBING after a section has already been done.


how to back comb hair 4

when it comes to the FRONT of your head, the amount you backcomb is up to personal preference.  in veronica’s case, she doesn’t like a whole lot of volume in the front so she’s going to take much smaller sections in her hand (as well as leave the very front pieces out entirely).


how to back comb hair 5

with all the BACKCOMBING finished, you should be looking like a picture-perfect image of the 80s.


now it’s time to tame the beast and flatten some of this volume.  

take the comb in your hand and VERY LIGHTLY comb the hair to smooth it down a bit.

how to back comb hair 6

you want to make sure that you are ONLY combing down the veil of the head and not pulling out all your hard-earned volume.  while you’re doing this, you can use your fingers to physically pull apart the hair and even some of the compact hair so that the hair is sitting evenly. this helps make sure that you don’t hair areas of hair that are more compact than the other.


how to back comb hair 7

with you style in place, remember to LEAVE IT ALONE.  the more you touch your hair, the more likely you are to dampen your style and undo the BACKCOMBING.

as a final precaution, SEAL YOUR STYLE with a mist of ‘fix’.  not only will this keep your style in place and add a natural shine, it doesn’t make your hair stiff or crunchy.

there you have it <3 this #hairhack takes about 2 minutes in the morning for volume all day long. tell us what you think in the comments or leave any questions you may have :)

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