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how to properly SHAMPOO HAIR

jessica here :)  today we are going to show you how to properly WASH someone’s hair. there is an easy procedure to follow to make sure that your client has the CLEANEST hair without causing unneeded DAMAGE.

it’s also important to show your clients how to PROPERLY SHAMPOO their OWN hair. if a client knows how to properly shampoo their color will last LONGER and they’re not going to DAMAGE their hair.

i am going to break it down step-by-step to show you an EASY process on how to properly wash your client's hair. lauren is going to be our beautiful model today.


time to BRUSH OUT


first, make sure that there are NO KNOTS in the hair. using a WIDE TOOTH COMB, pick through the hair starting from the BOTTOM and working your way to the TOP.

WET the hair


it’s very important that the hair is completely SATURATED in water. the common cycle is LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT. the first cycle will LIFT the dirt, the second cycle will REMOVE the dirt.

it’s important to know that WASHING your hair EVERY DAY is actually DAMAGING to your hair. it will DRY OUT your hair especially if you’re in a dry climate. i myself WASH my hair every FIVE DAYS. and at the end of those five days, there is a lot of GRIME in the SCALP.

SCRUB the hair

so first we are going to SATURATE the hair with WATER and SCRUB it. that is going to LIFT a lot of the dirt. today we are going to be using it in the nvenn ‘wash’  low sudsing color save shampoo. it’s a COCONUT BASED cleanser so it doesn’t have any HARSH SUDSING CHEMICALS within. a lot of drugstores and even salon shampoos have chemicals that are similar to MR. CLEAN PRODUCTS. and that is NOT something you want to be putting in your hair. that same CLEAN FEELING it can be achieved with our wash as well.

first, you want to SCRUB it with the water and then incorporate the ‘wash’


one thing to notice is how STRAIGHT her hair is. the last thing i want to do is BUNCH her hair up. this will cause the hair to TANGLE.  the goal is to WASH and CONDITION her hair straight to protect the state of her hair.


now taking nvenn’s ‘wash’  i’m going to rub my hands together and then EVENLY COAT throughout her SCALP. something interesting about our shampoo is the first ingredient is NOT WATER. it is a very CONCENTRATED SHAMPOO. so if i am looking for MORE LATHER all i need to do is ADD MORE WATER.

since the purpose of SHAMPOOING is to REMOVE SCALP BUILD UP you’re not going to really focus on the ends of her hair. whatever travels down naturally is plenty to clean the ends of the hair.


while RINSING the hair i lift everything straight and smooth so there would be NO TANGLES.


i’m going to SHAMPOO her hair a SECOND TIME. this cycle is LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT but if there is a lot of buildup on your scalp; feel free to wash more than twice. doing one good DEEP CLEANING of the SCALP will allow you to keep washes further apart.

the less oil on the hair the sudsier the shampoo is going to be. the SUDS are actually an INDICATOR to show HOW CLEAN it is. if there are NO SUDS the hair needs to be WASHED AGAIN.

PROTIP: don’t forget the back of the EARS.

the cool thing about our SHAMPOO is after it’s used it almost FEELS LIKE CONDITIONER. that’s because it is COCONUT-BASED. this works is almost a MINI MASK. one that’s strong enough that it’s going to REPAIR the hair but not too strong where it’s going to make the hair brittle. it has a MICRO-KERATIN within to RESTORE your hair from the INSIDE OUT.

CONDITION the hair

you want to ring out the hair so it is a little bit damp. next, we are going to use nvenn’s ‘polish’  daily repairing conditioner.

with conditioning, you just want to condition from the MIDSHAFT DOWN. making sure that it is EVENLY COATED. this conditioner needs to sit for FIVE MINUTES. but don't worry, the MICRO-KERATIN that is within will not over stimulate your hair.

MASSAGE the head

next, i’m going to give lauren a nice SCALP MASSAGE. below is a wonderful video that goes over all the PRESSURE POINTS.

the final RESULT

again her hair is SMOOTH and there are NO TANGLES within the hair. it is super easy to COMB THROUGH.

thank you for tuning, and make sure to leave a comment and subscribe to @nvennhairbeauty. we make new videos every friday for the SEASON STYLIST and the EVERYDAY HAIR ENTHUSIASTS. see you next friday.



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