how to properly STRAIGHTEN frizzy hair with a blow dryer

whether you want to learn how to teach your clients how to blow out their own hair or if you want to teach yourself how to blow out your own hair, this blog is for you! you can also see a live demo of this process at

this blog will coordinate with PART 3 of our client demo with malia (if you missed them you can view PART 1 and PART 2 on our youtube channel). part 1 is a demo of how to fully consult with your client before beginning their service.


the consultation is the MOST IMPORTANT part to ensuring that your client leaves your chair happy! part 2 is a demo about how to teach your client to properly wash their hair and then of course part 3 is teaching your clients how to blow out their hair.

all 3 parts of this series are aimed towards showing you how to build a relationship with your clients to KEEP THEM COMING BACK TO YOU!

let’s get started

part 3 : today I'm going to teach you (and malia) how to properly STRAIGHTEN curly or frizzy hair with a blow dryer! blow outs are the BEST way to style your hair with lots of volume or body and minimal damage. back in the day before flat irons and curling irons were invented, all people could really style their hair with was the blow dryer. you can actually do lots with a blow dryer once you know what you are doing. 


first things first. you need to invest in a good BLOW DRYER. most of your styling can be done with this magical tool. a good blow dryer has the following qualities: 

  • a cooler button. heat is what changes ‘the structure’ of your hair (curly hair to straight hair or straight hair to curly hair). having a “cooler button” will allow you to set your style quickly (rather than needing to wait for it to cool back down to room temperature on it’s own). 
  • is lightweight. you want to be able to maneuver your arms easily. 
  • different heat settings. like all heat tools, you want to make sure you can control the heat. 
  • a concentrator. this is the attachment that goes onto the front of the blow dryer. it is a REALLY IMPORTANT part of a good BLOW DRYER. the concentrator directs the air flow coming out of the blow dryer to give you the smooth, frizz free finish that you are looking for.

step 1: get the BULK of the moisture out

first i’m going to POWER DRY the hair. i’m going use some light tension with our fingers (basically pull her hair smooth between our fingers) while i BLAST her hair dry FROM ROOTS TO END.

to give her hair body, i'm blow-drying her hair in all directions. in malia’s case, she parts her hair to the left so I'll begin by blow-drying her hair to the right before rotating across the head. 

PRO TIP: hair will do EXACTLY what you tell it to do. if someone blow dries their hair in with their part already in place, over time the hair will be flat to their head from that part line. to avoid this, blow dry the hair in ALL DIRECTIONS (to give all of their roots an EVEN LIFT THROUGHOUT), and then set the part in at the very end.

step 2: dealing with COWLICKS (and other hair habits)


now i going to address her COWLICK. you can soften someone’s cowlick by vigorously blow drying the hair from the left to the right and vice versa. 

PRO TIP: if they have a stubborn cowlick, blow dry their hair vigorously in both directions using a denman brush! these brushes are AMAZING for getting rid of the cowlicks!

the rubber base builds up enough static electricity that combines with the heat from your dryer to mold your hair in the direction you want it to go. you can get a little pocket/ purse denman on our website.

step 3: prepping the hair for STYLING

PRO TIP: never apply product to soaping wet hair. hair is like a sponge, when it’s fully saturated with water, it can’t absorb any products. for curly hair, we suggest for you to start applying product into the hair when it is about 50% dry. if curly hair gets too dry, the frizz will start to set in.

when styling the hair straight, we recommend for the hair to be about 80% dry before you start putting any products in. it will blow dry a lot faster this way. the only exception to this rule is the heat protector!

you want to apply this when the hair is about 50% dry to start protecting your hair early in the game. you can check out nvenn’s protect at ---it’s one of the most invisible ones in the market, it leaves ZERO residue or stickiness

because we are styling her hair straight, make sure the hair is at least 80% dry before you start applying any products (EXCEPT the heat protector → read the explanation as to why in the pro tip above).

once the hair is 80% dry, I'm going to start by applying 'replenish' to the mid shaft and downward. ‘nvenn’s replenish oil’ is designed to FILL IN ANY CRACKS that your hair may have, giving it a smooth and shiny finish. be careful not to overuse it- a little goes a long way. 

next, it's time to use 'fix' to add a little bit of texture into the hair. this will ADD VOLUME TO ANY HAIR TYPE! it’s super easy to work with! all you need to do it spray it into the roots anywhere that you want body and then blow dry accordingly! 

with the product now applied, it's time to blow dry some more of the moisture in the hair BEFORE we start using a brush. i would suggest getting your hair at least 95% dry before using a brush. this will CUT DOWN your blow drying time immensely. 

step 5: styling with the BLOW DRYER

for malia's hair, we're going to use a round brush and style her hair in three sections (‘the basement’ or the bottom, ‘the main floor’ or the middle, and ‘the roof’ or the top section of her hair). 

i will pass over each section 3 times. the first time will heat the hair, the second time will straighten the hair, and the final time will smooth the hair.

PRO TIP: if the hair starts to get hot but is still wet, MOVE ON TO ANOTHER section and come back to it. if the hair is getting hot, it is burning. 

we'll begin with the bottom section of her head and work our way up. we will start by pulling the hair straight out from her head. as we travel up her head of hair, i’ll start to pull her hair out more VERTICALLY (as demonstrated in the photo below). 

when you get to the top section of her hair, you should be pulling the hair straight up to blow dry. again, don't worry about setting your part in until the very end. for now, just pull the hair straight up and back to give the hair the MOST AMOUNT of lift!

quick reminder: let the hair COOL (back to room temperature) before you touch it. if you start playing with it before it cools, gravity will pull it flat and set your style like that. 

a few other tips:

  • do not place the blow-dryer directly onto your hair. minimize the heat exposure by placing the blow-dryer ADJACENT to the section of hair you're drying. 
  • practice makes perfect. for you and your clients. 
  • make sure you clip the hair you're not working on out of the way, this will make your life SOOOOOO much EASIER.
  • if your hair is HOT, it's burning. let it cool by moving onto another section and come back to it after to finish drying it. 

step 6: using the FLATIRON 

don't jump in with the highest heat. start at 350 degrees and aim to stay at as low of a temperature as possible. and of course, start by prepping the hair again with a heat protectant like 'protect'.

the biggest complaint we hear from our clients is that they don’t like most heat protectors because it feels crunchy after they spray it in. TRY OURS → it dries INVISIBLE


since the majority of the straightening has been done with the blow-dryer, all you’ll need to do is lightly smooth out any ends that need a little attention. to lay your BANGS properly, lightly pull them in the direction that you want the bangs to lay. 

PRO TIP: the “PERFECT” temperature for your hot tool is the LOWEST temperature that allows you to only pass over the strand of hair ONCE (without having to run over that section a second or third time).

start with your iron at 350F. if the hair strand still isn’t straight after one pass, then try your iron the next time at 360F. continue to increase your iron’s temperature in 10F (so 370F, 380F) until you find the perfect temperature for your hot tool.


there is POWER in the right technique. using a blow-dryer to help straighten wavy, curly, or kinky hair is a great way to lock in VOLUME and get STRAIGHT HAIR. master this technique for your clients or get salon hair at home 🤗 

want to see more? watch more videos on our YouTube at @nvennhairbeauty or buy our products in the shop. 😉

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