how to PURPLE SHAMPOO extensions

this week we are here with jessica. she is going to show us how to properly wash our hair extensions using PURPLE SHAMPOO.

It’s best not to wash extensions as often as you would your hair because they don’t have the same oil to replenish them as your natural hair.

before we use any PURPLE SHAMPOO, we want to make sure that we wash the hair first with normal shampoo. we are using nvenn ‘wash’ color safe shampoo.

we want to LATHER, RINSE and REPEAT a couple times to make sure that we are removing any built-up dirt or oil from the extensions. the first wash will lift any buildup from the extension, the second will rinse it away.

rinse, to lift the dirt and oil.

diluting the PURPLE SHAMPOO

next, we are going to DILUTE one pump of unite blonda PURPLE SHAMPOO with one pump of our COLOR SAFE SHAMPOO. extensions soak up the pigment from purple shampoo a lot faster than normal hair would. diluting the purple shampoo will reduce the strength of the pigment, making it less likely that your extensions will be left with a purple hue to them. 

we want to mix the shampoo well to really emulsify the color for even coverage on the extension.

applying the PURPLE SHAMPOO

we want to thoroughly apply our shampoo to the extension and make sure the strands are evenly coated, but we need to work fast and rinse them quickly so that they don’t soak up too much of the pigment and become too “ashy.”

when washing the hair it is important not to mat the extension all together, as will cause unnecessary tangling and knots. instead, wash the hair while keeping the hair as straight as possible.

next we want to gently wring out all of the excess water.

because of the alkaline pH of shampoo, it is important to never shampoo any hair or extensions without conditioning afterwards. the alkalinity of the shampoo is designed to strip away the oils from the hair. conditioner is designed to restore the acidic pH of your hair, leaving it shiny, silky and smooth.

final rinse

after we have allowed a few moments for the conditioner to saturate the extension, we want to rinse the conditioner out of the hair. we probably won’t wash the extensions again for a while, so we want to make sure we are really rinsing them clean to prevent any extra buildup on the hair.

again we want to squeeze out any excess water.

use a towel to dry any more excess water before blow drying or hanging up your extension to dry.

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