how to put on FAKE EYELASHES

we get tons of requests for tips & tricks on how to put on FAKE EYELASHES. we’ve heard your requests and we’ve made a video to satisfy them!  in this week’s video, veronica shows how to measure, trim, and complete the look with FAKE EYELASHES.

the lashes featured in this video are from our sister company, Dollar Eyelash Club <3 these cruelty-free keratin lashes are identical human hair and start at ONLY $1.  the best part? we deliver them to your door :)  

step 1: wash your hands

as always, the first rule for anytime you touch your face- WASH YOUR HANDS.  you’re going to have your fingers close to your eyes and on the lashes, so you don’t want to risk getting dirt of bacteria in your eyes.


step 2: remove the lashes with a pair of tweezers

use a pair of tweezers to remove the lashes from the package.  gently grab the outside of the lash and peel it from the packaging.  at this point, it’s up to you as to whether or not you use the tweezers or your fingers to measure- but if you’re new at this you’ll probably want to use your fingers.  (don’t poke yourself in the eye with tweezers!)


step 3: MEASURING the lashes

now you’re ready to MEASURE the lashes and see if there is any part of it you need to trim.  hold the lash up to your eye and line it up.  make a note of the excess lash that you don’t need.  more often than not- you’re going to need to trim your lashes.

how to apply fake eyelashes

it’s important to trim your lashes.  not only to get the most natural look, but to ensure that your lashes stay on properly.  the rule of thumb for lashes is that FAKE EYELASHES stick to hair.  so if you don’t have hair there, you need to trim your lashes to fit.

how to apply fake eyelashes 2

when it comes to what side to trim, it’s about personal preference.  in veronica’s case, she wants less of the taper and thus will choose to trim from the inside of the lash rather than the outside.


step 4: applying the lashes

with your lashes trimmed and ready to go, it’s time to APPLY the glue and get to work on those lovely lashes.  grab your mirror and get ready to apply the glue.

start with whichever side you feel most comfortable with.  it truly doesn’t matter, just personal preference.

use a very THIN layer of glue and allow it to sit and become tackier before applying it to your lashes. make sure that the glue is evenly across, without spreading residue to the individual lashes. count to 30 in your head before even attempting to put the lashes on.

the wetter the glue is, the more difficult it will be to get the lashes to stick to your eye.  with a bit of time to air dry- the lashes will stick FLAWLESSLY and EFFORTLESSLY.

how to apply fake eyelashes

with the glue tacky at this point, pick up your mirror and begin applying the strip to your lashes starting from the outside corner.  try to get them as close to the root as possible. gently pat them down with your fingers to help secure the lash strip to your eye.

step 5: let it dry

with the lashes in place, let them dry! don’t make the mistake of touching your eyes too much and give the lashes a few minutes to finish drying.

in the meantime, you can get to work on the other eye.  

when you’re done, you’ll have a complete look that puts the finishing touches on ANY look:

how to apply fake eyelashes final

remember, practice makes PERFECT!  if it’s your first time putting on false eyelashes, you’re going to struggle.  but over time with more practice, you’ll be able to put your lashes on in a matter of seconds :)

are you going to try false eyelashes?  already sport them on the daily?  share your tips for easy lash application in the comments.

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