how to turn a BLONDE OMBRE into a SHADOWED ROOT

veronica is here this week with our lovely client amanda and she is going to be retouching amanda’s hair and refreshing  her BLONDE OMBRE into a beautiful SHADOWED ROOT

veronica is going to use a lightener to bring the blonde higher up onto the mid shafts of the hair and lightening the ends up a few shades using a highlighting method to break up the dark color and create a blended and diffused transition from dark to light. the BLONDER the BETTER, right?

the SECTIONING pattern

amanda wears her hair with a side part, so veronica has incorporated it into the SECTIONING PATTERN for the top of the hair. ALWAYS ask your client where they prefer to part their hair before sectioning.

for the back section, veronica has split the hair into 2 sections down the middle.

applying the FOILS

starting with the larger top section with the bangs, veronica lays the foils parallel to the part line in thin sections. the reason for laying the bang section foils parallel and not perpendicular is to prevent stripey looking highlights.

veronica is using a fine weave / babylight to HIGHLIGHT the hair. the BABYLIGHTS will bring up the blonde in a very DIFFUSED fashion, breaking up the dark and giving a seamless transition from dark to light.

applying the lightener to the mid shafts should be a visual process. since we are using a stronger lightener to lift out the dark in the hair, you want to make sure that you are not overlapping it on to the previously lightened blonde ends. that can cause overprocessing of the hair. because we want the blonde ends to be a bit lighter, veronica will fold the ends into the foil so it is touching the bleached hair. the contact with the lightener will be enough to give the ends a bit of a boost to lighten.

veronica is applying the lightener using a feathering technique. she continues the FOILING PATTERN using the same method.

she continues the process on the other side of the head using the same feathering technique to apply the lightener.

here you can see amanda’s hair with the foils all applied. veronica is going to apply a lower volume lightener to the ends. the goal is to lighten the overall color of the hair, but since the ends have already been previously lightened, we want to avoid damage from over processing. the ends will require a different formula and a different processing time than the rest of the hair.  veronica will be applying the gentler lightener to the ends to lighten them while the hair in the foils are processing.

veronica applies the lightener to the ends of amanda’s hair, making sure not to get any onto the brown portions of the hair.

amanda’s hair has processed quite nicely, and she is about ready to rinse.

FINISHING the look

as you can see, the lightened portions of her hair are now considerably lighter than when we started. we are going to tone with an ash toner on the newly lightened mid shafts, and with a pearl toner for the ends. you choose toners based on the remaining pigment in the hair that needs to be toned out and the desired end result.

after a thorough blow drying, veronica is going to be treating amanda’s hair with the nvenn ‘styling trio’.

this kit is a full styling system that takes care of all your styling needs. the STYLING TRIO includes:

the FINISHED result

the final look is a beautifully diffused blended ombre look. we are in LOVE.

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