how to REMOVE direct hair dye

hey all you lovelies! we are back with a new video this week and we are super excited to have one of our favorite clients, kat, back in the chair for the third time. it’s been about a month since her last visit, when jessica created her beautiful coral-orange color melt hairstyle.

true to fashion, her hair is changing with the seasons once again. this time, kat has decided that she wants to go back to BLONDE. in this video, jessica will show us how to REMOVE direct dye and take her back to a stunning blonde.

to take kat’s hair from her current BRIGHT PINK to BLONDE, jessica will be using a bleach cocktail (mixture of lightener and shampoo) to gently strip away as much pigment as possible while maintaining the health of the hair. after that, we will be lightening the roots, and spot lightening the remaining pigment to reach the lightest shade of blonde that can be achieved without over-processing and damaging the hair.

REMOVING direct dye: bleach COCKTAIL

jessica has mixed up a concoction consisting of 1/3 nvenn ‘wash’ low sudsing shampoo, 1/3 blondeme premium lifts 20 VOL developer, and 1/3 j. beverly hills max lightener.

jessica applies a liberal amount of the lightener cocktail to kat’s hair, combined with a small amount of water, just enough so that it works into an easy lather.  

about ten minutes into the lightening process, most of the color is gone, and you can begin to see the beautiful near platinum blonde that was hiding under the color.

after a rinse and blowdry, kat’s hair is currently at a lovely LEVEL 9 blonde with some yellow undertones

she has about a centimeter and a half of NEW GROWTH at the roots.

the ends of the hair, and the undercut portion at the nape of kat’s neck have retained a bit more pigment than the top and mid-shafts of the hair. what jessica is going to do is use a blondme premium lifts 9 lightener with 30 vol. to lighten and strip away the RESIDUAL COLOR.

after the second lightening process, kat’s hair is ready for toner.

TONING the hair

here you can see the first TONER all applied.

after a rinse and a blow dry, her hair is almost evenly toned. she still has a bit of residual peach in some parts, but that is nothing a second toning process can’t fix

here you can see the second toner all applied, and kat’s color is evening out beautifully from root to ends. we’ll give it a few more minutes to finish processing.


to make sure her hair is nice and healthy, jessica will apply nvenn ‘replenish’ strength restoration oil from the mid-shafts to the ends. it is infused with argan oil, avocado oil, vitamin e, and natural kelp extract to nourish the hair and leave it silky and smooth.

next, a bit of nvenn ‘protect’ heat shield to protect the hair from the damaging effect of heat tools.

to give her hair a bit of body, jessica applies nvenn ‘fix’ flexible working hairspray.

the FINISHED look

after a final blow dry, kat’s hair is looking LOVELY, STRONG and HEALTHY. she loves it and so do we!

if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for videos you would like to see in the future, drop us a line in the comments below and let us know what you think. be sure to like and subscribe @nvennhairbeauty to stay up to date on the latest videos. thanks for watching! stay tuned! <3

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What remover did you use on her hair and where can u get it at it’s amazing I can’t ever find a good hair color remover

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