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how to REMOVE funky color & pink orange color melt

we are here today with kat. You may remember her from our video on pie shaped chunky highlights where we brought her from an electric blue to an amazing pink with chunky highlights.

today she is back and we are going to create a beautiful orange and pink color melt and incorporate some nice bright orange color. we will be using a davines cream lightener to create her new ‘do.

the SECTIONING pattern

we’ve sectioned her hair into 4 basic quadrants and we are ready to begin the transformation.

kat had an undercut that has begun to grow out so we want to lighten that out to a workable color that will respond well to the color we are going to apply.

to begin, we are using a schwartzkopf blondme with 30 VOL. lightener to the new growth at the base of her neck. we want to give little section a bit of a head start, as it will take longer to  lighten than the portions of the hair with direct dye.


with the lightener applied and our foil strategically placed we can let the hair down and begin to apply the creme lightener to the portions of hair that we want to lighten.

we’ve mixed the davines lightener with a 20 VOL. DEVELOPER.

for the orange portion of kat’s hair, we want it to start right about at her chin, but we also want a few splashes of orange to that extend upwards the in the front.

we are going to start at the back and apply the LIGHTENER about halfway up the shafts of the hair so that the color transition lines up to her jawline. we are going to bring the lightener up a bit further on the back sections than on the front to create that uniformity of color. we are also going to stagger the amount of lightener on each portion so that it doesn’t look like it was dip-dyed.

here you can see how quickly lighteners work on direct dyed hair, it’s only been a couple of minutes and the hair is already about a level 9, so time is off the essence and this process needs to move very quickly.

with all of our lightener applied, you can see how nicely her hair has lightened. we’re going to give it just a few minutes, and then we’ll be ready to rinse.

after a rinse and a blowdry,you can really see how beautiful and gradient the color transition is. you should always create a nice DIFFUSED TRANSITION when doing this sort of style. even though we are working with unnatural colors, it looks a lot nicer than a hard line where the colors just kinda bump into each other. this way you get a nice blended transition that flows seamlessly into itself.

applying the ORANGE pigment

we are using a mixture of 1/4 fiery orange and 3/4 coral from the joico intensity line of products. the coral was just a bit too dark and the orange was just a bit too light, so to we added a bit of the lighter orange color to achieve the PERFECT SHADE.

with our color applied to the ends you can see how beautiful and bright this color is. this is definitely a high energy summer color. we’ll let it sit about 20 minutes and do our FINAL RINSE.

after the rinse, we’ve blow-dried her hair about 50%. for the style, we are using ‘nvenn’ volume volumizer to give her roots a bit of a boost. after that, we’ll apply some ‘nvenn’ replenish strength restoration oil to the ends. finally we will apply ‘nvenn’ protect to create a thermal barrier on the hair to prevent damage from the final blow dry.

this is such a beautiful color transition. we used an OMBRE technique, but we were able to create a stunning gradient that kat is overjoyed with. and we love it too! <3

if you have any questions or comments, leave them in the section below. be sure to like and subscribe @nvennhairbeauty and stay tuned for a new video every week!

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