how to: semi PERMANENT hair straightening without perm damage

miss chayla is in our chair again today. she’s trying semi PERMANENT hair straightening with a smoothing system from davines. this smoothing system can be used continuously to STRAIGHTEN the texture of hair.  

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what we truly LOVE about this product is that if you do stop using it- you’ll eventually see a little bit of the wave start to come back. if chayla doesn’t want to use the smoothing system anymore, the process will be much EASIER than growing out a perm. another added plus is the HYDRATING component of this straightening system. if a client comes in with damaged hair, this smoothing system helps to boost the moisture.

step 1: applying the STRAIGHTENING solution

we’ll start by WETTING DOWN the hair and sectioning it. from here, we’ll mix the system and begin applying it to the hair with a brush.\

you’ll lay this on the hair and comb through- the same way you’d apply a typical color. one you have the hair covered, you’ll let it process it for the full time: 25 MINUTES.

PROTIP: make sure you apply to the nave, as that is where the hair with the waviest.\


once the 25 minutes have passed, we’re ready to WASH out.

as you can see, this smoothing system has really STRAIGHTENED chayla’s hair. at this point, jessica has only done a quick blow dry with her fingers.

step 2 in the process acts a ‘finalizer’ for the system. we’re going to brush and FLAT IRON the hair.

step 2: straightening the hair with the NEUTRALIZER

now you need to flat iron the hair. make sure your client tilts their head forward as you straighten from the ROOT. once you’ve straightened the entire head, you’re ready to put on the NEUTRALIZER.

you’ll apply this the same way the straightening solution was applied in step 1.

for BEST RESULTS, come it through once and leave it alone. allow the NEUTRALIZER to process for 25 minutes before washing out.

strengthening and STYLING

after washing out chayla’s hair, we can see just how STRAIGHT it really is. now we’re going to use our products to STRENGTHEN and STYLE the hair.

we’ll begin with ‘replenish’ hair restoration oil. this AMAZING product will help strengthen the hair and restore it’s natural moisture. as an added bonus, it also helps REDUCE FRIZZ.

to use, we’ll simply warm it up in our hands and work it through the hair.

now we’re ready to give her some VOLUME.

to do so we’re using ‘volume’, a heat activated weightless volumizer. simply warm the product in your hands and apply to the CROWN of the head and work through to the rest of the hair.

as a final step before we blow dry, we’re going to use a HEAT PROTECTANT.

protect’ is a HEAT SHIELD that prevents heat from damaging hair. plus, it smells amazing! ;)

use it before you using any heated styling tool.

the FINAL result

voila! chayla’s hair is BEAUTIFULLY STRAIGHT.

PERMANENT hair straightening is a great option for anyone looking to change their texture. with this smoothing system, you can avoid the damage of perms too!

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