how to SUN KISSED highlights


hey guys, we're back with jess. the last time you saw her, what we did is we took her platinum blonde here and we took her to her natural. now, you can see what's happened to her hair is that it's faded back. her blonde's come back out. we didn't do a fill at that time, cause we knew what might happen; is that jess would want to be blonde again. jess now wants to be blonde again.


yeah. we're going back to light again, but actually what we really love is the GOLD TONE that's come out of this. we're going to keep this blonde shade. all we're really going to do is we're not going to be doing a full bleach and tone like we were and taking her blonde to the root. i'm going to do it as a SHADOW ROOT so that she can still keep her natural at the very base and she doesn't have to come in as often to maintain.

we're just going to be moving her blonde up so that we don't see a huge difference between dark and blonde. we're kind of getting rid of like the OMBRE type of look and we're going into the shadow route. so, stay tuned. i'll show you what we do. it's going to look awesome.

this is what jess' hair looks like now. what we're going to do is we're going to pull up the blonde and we're going to take this nice lighter golden blonde and move it up to break up the darker natural blonde. what that's going to do is going to give it a SUNKISSED highlighting effect that looks very natural and that looks like this is just as natural color that just was lightened out in the sun.

we have jess' hair sectioned out. we have four quadrants sectioned out, two in the front and two in the back. you want to make sure that your front two quadrants are sectioned according to the part line just often where their hair's center parted. 

we just have it parted down the center. when creating a very natural sun-kissed highlight, you want to have the blonde highlights very DIFFUSED in the hair. we're going to be using a fine weave that's going to be a little bit thicker than a baby light, but we definitely want it very fine because we want to see the blonde, but we want it very diffused with the natural color.

turn the brush to the side and lightly FEATHER the lightener up into the dark blonde root. we're going to be staggering the amount of dark that we leave in each foil so that we can create a very seamless blend from dark blonde to light ends. our first foil is going to be put in very close to the root and then our next foil is going to be pulled back further, leaving more dark.

then, we're going to be alternating between this pattern of foils, so that we can really stagger the amount of dark that's left at the root and it's going to create a really beautiful shadow root effect that we see no harsh lines of where the darks stops and where the blonde starts.

to make a very natural highlighting effect, i like to leave a little bit of hair over top of the foil to act as a veil. this is going to just help diffuse the highlights a little bit more. also, what i did is i made sure my top foil in each quadrant was the foil that was staggered with more dark in it, just to give that shadowed root a little bit more natural of a feel.


here are her foils all applied. now, we're ready to get these foils out, so we're going to wash her hair and then put in her toner. go check out our website at we have amazing products that you'll absolutely love. go to for a chance to win free products every single month. we'll ship it to your door.

we have the toner all applied to her hair now, so we used a nine three, which is a nine gold. that's going to give it a beautiful warm blonde tone. we are all done with the highlights now and it has the perfect sunkissed look.

check this out. it looks like this is jess' natural hair and she's been out playing in the sun and this is how the color came out, so it's super beautiful. you can see how her blonde highlights are very diffused in her natural color.

if you guys have any questions about it, make sure you guys leave a comment below. try this look out for yourself. it is a great color to do for people that want to look very natural still, but they want to have a bit of lightness in their hair color.

hit that subscribe button. we're putting out videos every friday, so stay tuned. we always got new stuff coming. other than that guys, i love you guys. make sure to go out and create change in this world and we will see you guys next time. bye beauty activists!

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