we are here today with our stunning client carol, and today jessica is going show you how to TONE ASH BLONDE hair. as you can see, carol has a lot of new root growth, and it’s a lot darker than the desired PLATINUM BLONDE  that she loves so much.

first, jessica is going to lighten the darker portions of carol’s hair, and then she is going to give a tutorial on how to tone ash blond hair to create a seamless natural transition between the previously lightened hair and the new growth.


here you can see the back of carol’s hair with the foils and lightener all applied. It took about 2 hours to section and apply all of the foils. while it processes, jessica will begin to foil the front section of the hair.

because this process is taking so long, jessica is going to remove the foils from the first quadrant to let the lightener oxidize. this will stop the hair from processing any further, and will prevent the hair from becoming damaged and brittle.

as you can see the lightener is very effective on the virgin portions of carol’s hair. as jessica works her way around to the last quadrant, she will begin to remove the rest of the foils so that carol’s hair does not overprocess.

here you can see the first quadrant has lightened quite nicely.

after all of her hair has had ample time to process, jessica will rinse carol’s hair and begin the process of TONING the hair

choosing TONER colors

the key to toning blonde hair is to really analyze the hair and use a visual process to pick out any undertones that may be showing through. depending on the warmth of the undertones, you may want to use several different toners to compensate for the color of the lightened hair. for example, if the hair is brassy and orange you would to use a blue tinted toner to eliminate the warm spots.

for today’s hair transformation, jessica will be using a few different toners to COLOR CORRECT carol’s hair and bring it all to a beautiful even ASH BLONDE.

when you are CHOOSING TONER COLORS, it is very important to keep in mind the level of remaining pigment.

for example, if the hair is showing pale yellow, you would use a light violet toner to even out the color of the hair. if the hair is more red or orange, a blue or blue green tinted toner would be the right color to neutralize the uneven tone.

it is also possible to mix toners with different pigments corresponding to any in-between shades that might be in the hair to achieve the desired tone.

TONING the hair

after the lightener is all washed out, carol’s hair is ready for toning.  as you can see, the roots are the lightest portion of the hair, while the mid shafts of the hair are a bit brassy and yellowish. the previously lightened ends are very light blonde. so jessica will begin the process of toning the hair to an even natural color.

jessica will be using a few different toners to create the desired look, including a violet toner on the mid shafts, as well as an iridescent pearl toner for the ends.

jessica is applying the VIOLET TONER to the yellow parts of the hair so that they can process a bit longer than the rest. she is using pravana chromasilk violet toner to get the desired color. these toners work very fast so you have to be quick with the application so that it all processes evenly.

you can see here, how nicely the toner has NEUTRALIZED the brassy yellow tones.

next, jessica applies the PEARL TONER to the ends of the hair. after it has processed a little longer, we’ll get carol all rinsed and ready to style.

jessica applies nvenn ‘replenish’ strength restoration oil. it’s made with natural essential oils, kelp extract and avocado oil to fill in the gaps and crevices of the strands of hair.

next, she applies an even layer of nvenn ‘protect’ heat shield to protect the hair against the damaging effects of heat tools on hair.

finally, a bit of nvenn ‘volume’ heat activated weightless volumizer to give her roots a bit of a boost.

the trick to working with this product is that you want to work fairly quickly. using a small amount, let it break down in your hands a bit, then apply it to the crown of the hair, working it downward to the nape of the neck, then finally work a small amount or the remaining portion into the sides of the hair to create the full volume effect!

after applying the fabulous nvenn products, jessica will blow dry carol’s hair with intense high heat and then finish the styling process.


after seven hours, we have achieved the perfectly toned, even, flawless ASH BLONDE. this look is so stunning and we are overjoyed with the finished result.

carol’s hair is now a stunning shade of PLATINUM BLONDE with beautiful ashy-violet undertones.

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