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hello everyone. welcome to today's video. today's video is going to be a super quick one. i'm going to show you how to TONE OUT brassy and damaged hair.

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split ends are tricky

SPLIT ENDS and damaged hair are really tricky for two reasons. one, once the internal structure is compromised, there is nothing for new pigment to actually hold onto. so yes, it might look great when you first leave the salon, but after a couple of washes, it's going to fade away pretty quickly. two, split ends travel. once that protective layer, the outside of the hair shaft, starts to peel, it will continue to peel all the way up the shaft until you cut it off.

i have seen people with really long hair that have splits up to here and they're finally like, "okay, it's at the perfect length. let's get it healthy." i'm like, "well, it's going to be really challenging to get it healthy because, unless we're going to cut it into a short pixie, i won't be able to get everything."

yes, there's products on the market such as smooth, that help to mend split ends temporarily between cuts. basically it seals it to stop it from splitting. but eventually, you do have to cut it off.


how to check for damage

in today's video i'm going to show you a quick little trick on how to check your client's hair to see how far the splits have actually traveled. here is the before of her hair. as we know, hair has three structures. how we can know how far the split ends have traveled to is when you hold it up to the light, you see anything that's super, super see-through, the INTERNAL STRUCTURE has been compromised so much that it no longer holds any pigment; not even a toner. that's what we know we have to cut off too.

what we're going to do here is, we're going to choose ... you can see that's see-through there. we're going to use that as our guide, because what we want is it to be solid all across. you can see how ... all this breakage. we're basically going to cut from there, right like that.

one-to-one ratio


in this bowl, i've mixed 7.22 and j. beverly hills one-to-one because with this line, it is a little bit more translucent. and with her hair, there's a lot of warm pigment that i want to control, and that's why i'm doing it one-to-one, so that it's more opaque. and, i also threw in some continuum treatment.

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