how to TONE your hair with purple shampoo

Veronica has just returned from vacation in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. She enjoyed some fun in the sun, but due to the heat, sun and salty seawater, her BLONDE hair was starting to look quite BRASSY.

In this weeks video, Veronica is going to show you how to properly tone your hair with purple shampoo.

how to TONE your hair with purple shampoo 1

You can really see the golden/brassy undertones in her hair. Veronica normally likes her hair to be a beige/ash blonde, and as you can see, the seawater has really done a number on her color. It’s now gold.

We’re going to show you how to use purple shampoo to tone out some of the brassy gold pigment.

PROTIP: purple shampoo won’t replace a normal toner, but it will help when you are in a pinch. It is designed to prevent blondes from going brassy, to maintain a neutral or ashy blonde in between stylist visits.

Step 1: wet the hair

how to TONE your hair with purple shampoo 2

To begin, Veronica will evenly DAMPEN her hair.

PRO TIP: you do not want the hair to be sopping wet because too much water will dilute the purple shampoo and make it less effective for toning your hair. You just need the hair wet enough so that the shampoo can start a little lather.

Step 2: applying the PURPLE SHAMPOO

how to TONE your hair with purple shampoo 3

There are many different PURPLE SHAMPOOS on the market. The ones that are the most effective will be the ones that are darkest in color (richest in pigment).

You can tell whether or not it's a super pigmented shampoo by looking at it. If it looks see through, than chances are, it's not very strong and won't work well for toning out BRASSY, orange and yellow blondes. 

PRO TIP: if your blonde is more on the orange side, you will want to use a blue shampoo. If your blonde is more on the yellow side, you will want to use a purple shampoo. If you want to know why 👉 How to Perfectly Choose Your Hair Color Toner

how to TONE your hair with purple shampoo 4

Back to Veronica's hair tutorial!

She wants the most toning to happen on the top layer of hair so she's going to start applying the purple shampoo at the top.

how to TONE your hair with purple shampoo 5

PRO TIP: those of you that have used purple shampoo before probably have noticed that it can really DRY OUT your hair. These shampoos are designed to correct color they are definintely NOT the best moisturizing shampoo your hair. Purple shampoos are designed to BLAST open your cuticle so that the pigment can easily penetrate into your hair shaft! This is great for neutralizing out brassy blonde tones but no one wants to be left with dry, frizzy hair in the process.

👉 solution : You can increase the moisturizing properties of your purple shampoo by mixing it with nvenn's wash - moisturizing shampoo. wash is actually the BEST moisturizing shampoo. It's a natural shampoo that has a GENTLE coconut based cleanser that will help to restore the moisture that your purple shampoo strips out! It has ZERO pigment in it's formula so it won't interfere with the TONING POWER of your purple shampoo. 

Work the "cocktail of shampoos (mix of wash and your purple shampoo)" into your hair until you get some light suds.

You don’t want it to become a full foamy lather just yet! You'll want to keep the pigment in the shampoo concentrated to start.

how to TONE your hair with purple shampoo 6

Apply purple shampoo to all the BRASSY blonde areas that you want to tone out. Start with the brassiest parts first and continue until you've coated all the sections that you want to turn into a nice beige or ashy blonde.

how to TONE your hair with purple shampoo 7

You can see that there is a very strong purple pigment in this shampoo because it has stained her skin! This deep pigment will give your hair the BEST TONING POWER!

how to TONE your hair with purple shampoo 8

Now with the shampoo evenly applied, she's going to wait 15 MINUTES to allow the pigment to settle into her hair.

how to TONE your hair with purple shampoo 9

Once the 15minutes are up, Veronica will work it into a rich LATHER before she rinses it out.

👉If you look closely (through the purple foam😅), you can see that her blonde is already starting to look like a PERFECT ASH BLONDE. 

how to TONE your hair with purple shampoo 10

Here, the shampoo is all RINSED out and you can see that the color looks much better than it did before she started.

It looks like the beige blonde /ash blonde that she LOVES!

how to TONE your hair with purple shampoo 11

After a blow dry and a style, you can see that the lighter parts of her hair  toned out pretty well! 

If you look closely though, some parts of the hair toned out better than others. That happened because parts of her hair are more POROUS than others. The more porous your hair is, the more it will be like a sponge and just soak up whatever is around it; making some parts of hair ashier than others.

PRO TIP: using a protein treatment BEFORE toning your hair with purple shampoo will help to even out the porosity in your hair. Taking this extra step will PREVENT ashier bands of color being left in your hair.

👉 solution : nvenn's polish - daily repairing conditioner is infused with Micro Keratin so that it can PENETRATE into your hair's most inner layers to repair it from the inside out. polish is actually the best conditioner for damaged hair. The Micro Keratin it has is lightweight so that it is gentle enough to use everyday. It's one of our FAVORITE dry scalp remedies! 

PRO TIP cont... all you need to do is put 'nvenn's polish' onto your damp hair (AND scalp) for 10 minutes and rinse out before toning your hair with purple shampoo. It's infused with a Micro Keratin blend, cold pressed aloe vera juice, hydrolyzed oats, sea minerals from sea kelp just to name a few of the amazing ingredients. 

how to TONE your hair with purple shampoo 13

Overall the purple shampoo worked well, but there are still some hints of gold and brass showing through.

Toning your hair with purple shampoo works as a QUICK FIX between your visits to your stylist but it will never replace them. This hair technique will tone out some of the brass but NEVER all of it! 

The bottom line is this: you need a toner when you need a toner 

A toner at the salon will be customized to your hairs needs! Your stylist will formulate to account for different tones and levels in your hair to ensure you have a seamless finish from root to end. Hair looks the BEST when it looks like it has grown out of your head that way 💕.

We get it! Trips to the salon can be expensive. That's why having a solid hair care regime is CRUCIAL! Using the right haircare will help your colors and toners last longer! 


Here's what you are looking for in Hair Care that will help your colors to last:

  • products that don't have astringent cleansers/ ingredients (this will STRIP OUT ALL YOUR COLOR you just paid to put into your hair). 
  • products without toxic chemicals (I wouldn't pour Mr Clean on my head, so why would I use shampoo with similar ingredients?)
  • products that contain active ingredients that will boost the health of your hair. 
  • products that will add protein and moisture to your hair; protein repairs your hair structure, the moisture will seal it in. 


Color pigments bind the best to healthy hair. The more damaged your hair is, the faster your colors will fade! Color molecules basically slip out of the "holes of your hair shaft" every time you wash your hair. 


Having colors that last is as EASY as keeping your hair healthy! It's pretty easy! All you need to do is:

  • have regular visits to the salon for trims
  • use good products and infuse your hair with protein and moisture
  • take it easy on the heat styling. You only need to throw something in the oven once before its cooked. Your flat iron is probably the same temperature as your oven. 
  • wash your hair less. Having some natural oils is good for your scalp and actually necessary to it's health. Less washing also means less styling💕. Using a repair and moisture shampoo will be a game changer for you (obviously pair it with a repair and moisture conditioner for BEST results).


'nvenn's shampoo series' will cover all your basic hair needs! It's formulated with the Sea Minerals that you need to nourish your hair from the inside out. wash and polish are for when you're in the shower, and clean is so you don't have to shower... Just kidding! You will still need to shower but you can skip washing your hair. It's the best moisture shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair.
nvenn's clean dry shampoo is a natural dry shampoo that we know you will LOVE! It's TOTALLY INVISIBLE in everyone's hair! It's a powder dry shampoo that is so finely ground that you can use this dry shampoo in dark hair. It comes with a little silicon travel cap so you can throw it in your purse, or your gym bag, or take it with you on vacation. 

I hope this helped answer some of your questions about how to tone your hair with purple shampoo💕. 

If you want to see the video version, you can go to @nvennhairbeauty on YouTube and look for it in our video library. 

how to TONE your hair with purple shampoo 13

We'd love to connect with you @nvennhairbeauty on YouTube, and Instagram. Come find us and say hello 😘

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