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how to use HOT ROLLERS

there are certain looks that just aren’t the same without HOT ROLLERS.  this week, we’re going to teach you how to use hot rollers to get LUSCIOUS CURLS without damaging your hair.  as busy stylists, this is one of our favorite ways to get lovely locks with minimal effort or time required.

the best part about hot rollers?  you can use them when you hair is damp.  just plug in your rollers, put in some heat protectant, and ROLL IT UP!  for most of us, the hair is dry and curled by the time we’re done with makeup.
ready to do it yourself?  watch the video & read the blog to harness the power of hot rollers for yourself.


STEP 1: PREPARE your hair

before you do anything, plug in the HOT ROLLERS.  you’ll want to make sure that they’re ready to use by the time you’re done prepping the hair. 

in today’s example, jessica has already blow-dryed her hair with ‘fix’ flexible working hairspray.  this is our go-to product for hold, as well as getting a little more VOLUME into the hair before we style.  whatever you decide, make sure you use a HEAT PROTECTANT on your hair before you start putting rollers in.  there is nothing more important than protecting your hair from heat damage.  we use ‘protect’ heat protectant.  it’s WEIGHTLESS, INVISIBLE, and PROTECTS the hair from damage.


STEP 2: SECTIONING your hair

how to use HOT ROLLERS 1

as always, SECTIONING is an important part of the process. start the process at the bottom of your head and keep the rest out of the way.

make sure that the pieces of hair you grab aren’t too big for the roller. you don’t have to be super clean or straight, but you want to make sure that your sections are about the diameter of the hot roller you’re using.  


STEP 3: using the HOT ROLLERS

once you’re confident in your HAIR TO ROLLER ratio, take the section you want to start with in your hand. use the hot roller like a COMB and pull it to the end of the hair, holding the end of the hair with your left hand. make sure the tension in the hair is even throughout the section.

how to use HOT ROLLERS 2

ROLL the end of your hair underneath the rest of the hair you’re wrapping around the roller.  make sure that there isn’t any hair sticking out or you’re going to have bent ends.  then, complete the curl by putting in the pin to your roller.

PROTIP: when you’re working on the back of your head, pull the sections out to the side so that you can see what you’re doing.

REPEAT this process up the head.  when you get to the front of your head, it’s important to note that you can choose to roll towards the center or roll your hair to the side.

how to use HOT ROLLERS 3

this depends on your style as well as your preference. in jessica’s case, she prefers to let her hair fall naturally and thus- rolls to the center of the head.  


once your LAST ROLLERS are in, all you have to do is let them COOL.  this typically takes about 5 minutes.

how to use hot rollers 4

most rollers will have an indicator that tells you when they are cool, but if you’re working without- simply use your fingers to determine when the rollers are cool.  (to be safe- give yourself at least 5-7 minutes)


STEP 4: taking the rollers OUT

take your hot rollers out and let those locks fly!

how to use hot rollers 5

once all your rollers out, the only thing left to do it SHAKE YOUR HEAD!  this amazingly technique will leave your hair looking relaxed and NATURALLY full of VOLUME and BODY.

to finish the look, we use ‘smooth’ split end mender and hair defrizzer to tame flyaways and complete the look.

last but not least, we seal the deal on ALL-DAY style and spray a light mist of ‘fix’ flexible working hairspray. then we’re done!

how to use HOT ROLLERS 6

this GORGEOUS STYLE can be done with you brush your teeth in the morning!  perfect for the office, an evening event, or day-to-day wear <3  
do you do your hair with hot rollers?  share your favorite hairstyles with us in the comments <3

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