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how to use joico COLOR REMOVER to remove direct dyes

hey guys! we are back with montana. you may remember her from her TEAL HAIR video.  with the teal fading, she’s ready to switch it up to a new color.

montana has a cool seafoam green color currently. we will be taking this teal out and taking her to a SILVER and gray.

veronica will do this by using the joico eraser to REMOVE the teal out before dying montana’s hair. she hasn’t used this before, so we’ll give you a short review of the product at the end.


here is the joico eraser in our bowl and OXIDIZED

APPLYING the color eraser to the hair

veronica then begins APPLYING the formula to montana’s previously teal portions of hair.

she is sure to cover every strand by using a brush VERTICALLY and stroking down the hair.

after she coats each strand veronica runs a comb through the hair to ensure it is SATURATED throughout. veronica continues to work through large CHUNKY SECTIONS until she covers all of the teal hair in the joico eraser.

here you can take a look at how nicely the color is coming out now. on the left half of her hair, where the eraser was applied first the color has LIFTED out as opposed to the right where the product is still working to remove the color.

looking underneath on montana’s hair we can see that some of the strands are already a really nice light BLONDE.

dealing with the REMAINING COLOR

so while this section is lightning very well, we still have some green at the top near the black.

veronica does not want to paint this in the joico formula and risk pulling it onto the black. unfortunately, this product is known to lift out natural color as well as dyes.

this as much of the teal we were able to lift out of montana's hair. since there is still some color here we are going to have to COVER that up. veronica will be using a darker black, pearl color with a little bit of black to do this and will then apply the gray to the ends.

RE- COLORING the ends

here veronica has applied the stale gray color to the MIDDLE TRANSITION SECTION of montana's hair to cover up the teal/green.

she then applies the gray to the ends. as its PROCESSING you can already see how great the gray is coming through.

here is montana’s hair WASHED dried and straight

all done

we have completed montana’s hair with no more green. it was work to get the green out properly, however, it was totally worth it.

now there is no green showing through. instead, we can see the middle shade we added into her color fade. it really helped the colors BLEND together.

though the joico color eraser did remove a lot of the dye, it still left a little green coloring in montana’s hair.  veronica will be continuing her search for the best COLOR REMOVER.

if you guys have any questions leave a comment below. don't forget to subscribe to @nvennhairbeauty for more videos. see you next time! bye!

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