how to use micro link beads to put in EXTENSIONS (+ color matching the hair 😉)

veronica here! today i’m going to be showing you how to get #instahair aka EXTENSIONS. extensions are a great way to get INSTANT LENGTH

brenda is in my chair sewing her extensions as we speak! so i’m going to start by color her hair (and the extensions). after that, i’ll show you how to use MICRO LINK BEADS to attach the weft to the hair for flawless FINISH

i love micro link beads. there is no braiding included whatsoever! let’s get started.




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COLORING the hair

extensions color

we’ll be using 3 different colors to get the NATURAL look we want. 

extension 3 colors

they create a BEAUTIFUL melt of colors! 

extensions lighten

i want to add some lightness to her natural color and i’ll be using SLICES to do so.

extensions foil coloring

the foils are ready to be washed out.

extensions foil colored

i’m using a ½ 10 gold and ½ 10 natural as a toner.

colored hair shaded

and voila! the color is done. now i can work with the EXTENSIONS.

putting in the EXTENSIONS

extensions before

the extensions and hair MATCH! we have 4 wefts to put in, they include:

  1. the lightest blonde on the bottom
  2. the darker copper on the second layer 
  3. the lightest blonde as the third layer
  4. and the fourth: a lighter blonde tone

extension hair match

I always do a quick test before i start a section to make sure the colors match.

the first TRACK

extension placement ear base

i’m going to place my first track at brenda’s ear. 

PRO TIP: work with extensions from the middle and work your way outwards

extension attachment

here’s how we will be attaching the weft to Brenda’s hair for this particular technique. i’ll start by taking a small piece of her natural hair (from above the weft) and a piece of the extension (from the bottom of the weft) and clamp them together in a microlink. 

PRO TIP: this hair will be all that is holding the weft and the bead in place so you will want to make sure that the piece of hair you do this with is thick enough to sustain the weft. 

extension weft microlink

i’m going to clip the weft in place as i begin to fasten it with the micro link beads to prevent it from moving. 

extension weft microlink

i’ve already got my micro link beads on my threader. if you haven’t done so, now is the time! 

to attach the weft, first i will loop the hair through the threader and then i will slide the microlink off the threader. this will pull the bead around both some of your client’s hair and some of the extension hair.

microlink bead tight

push the bead tight to the scalp and take your bead crimper and clamp down on the bead so that it is nice and tight. 

PRO TIP: make sure you're holding the hair flat to the head.

bead finished

this holds the track in. i’m going to continue this process around the head. you want the hair to be held securely but not so tight that there is an excessive amount of pressure on the roots of the hair.

1/2 inch space beads

i’m going to work my way out from the center to each side of her head. i’ll leave about ½ inch between each bead.

microlink outside weft

at the outside edges of the weft, i’m taking 2 parts of hair: one from brenda's natural hair and one from the end of the weft. i’ll be threading them together and linking the weft to brenda's hair to secure the extensions in place. this prevents the edges of the weft from lifting off the head.

first track completed

here is the first track completed.

the second TRACK

second track microlink

this track is going about an inch above the ear. i’m repeating the same process i did from track one.

microlink second track

 here is the second one done!

the third TRACK

crown weft

now i’m ready for the crown of the head. this will take both of the last 2 wefts to complete. i’m taking the top section and splitting the hair down the center of her head.

color blending weft

again, i’m making sure that the color blends nicely. 

ridge microlink short hair

i’m starting at the parietal ridge. since brenda’s hair is so short, i’ll be placing the weft a bit higher than usual. 

side weft extensions

unlike the other tracks, i’ll start attaching this weft from the side of her head rather than the center. the reason being that i want to make sure the extensions start on the same place on either side of the head. 

PRO TIP: leave about an inch of the perimeter by the face (without extensions) so that your client will be able to tie her hair back into a ponytail. 

back center weft

here you can see the wefts meet perfectly at the back of her head! now, it’s time to style.

STYLING the hair

hair before style

here’s a quick preview of brenda’s hair before i style it.

styled extensions

here is  the hair STYLED!

thanks for reading! if you’re looking for the products i used to style brenda’s hair, click here. if you have a question, ask us on Instagram or Youtube @nvennhairbeauty

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