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how to use TIARA extensions

hey guys! in our video today we have brenda as our model. brenda has brought in her TIARA hair extensions. they've come in one standard blonde color so we are going to match it to her hair.


these are pretty sweet! they are a SINGLE HAIR BAND extension and they are really quick and easy to pop in and out of hair.

they sit perfectly UNDER THE O-BONE.

we pull the hair over top of the extensions.

with practice, it can take you 30 SECONDS to pop them in. then this fish wire- we are going to comb over it. it is going to be trimmed afterwards, so it is not visible.

what we need to do now is COLOR brenda's hair to MATCH THE EXTENSIONS. she has a partial highlight now, so underneath her o-bone is a solid darker color.

we are going to FOIL the bottom portion to add light blonde to it. we are also going to add some darkness into the extensions because we want them to look highlighted.

we are matching the color pattern from brenda's old extensions. they have a half 7-half 8 weave throughout them- a warmer one. which does not match brenda's hair color right now either. what we are going to have to do is to color her hair to match these,and color the new extensions to match as well.

so you can fully understand the process- what we are going to be doing is putting in a full head of foils. she has some gray as well so we will do a dark color in between. so let’s show you the whole process…


for the front sections, we’ve sectioned out 2 sections using her part and over the ears.

the section will end at the hairline at the back of the ear.

in the back, we have a section in the crown that was previously highlighted.

underneath the o-bone, we divide the 2 dark sections in half down the middle.

FOILING the hair

we’re all SECTIONED now. we are going to start foiling in the back of the head, incorporating the dark color that she already has. which is PERFECT! but, we are still going to have to do the color in between for the roots and refresh the ends. 

we want fairly thick sections of both dark and blonde. because just like the extensions, we want to see that piecey-ness in the high/low lights.

it's important to make sure to color the roots as we put her foils in. this will keep everything ORGANIZED and CLEAN, while preventing us from having to move around the foils later.

then we start with the BLONDE. we will be doing 3 back to back foils because we want this to be a fairly thick section of blonde. then we will pull down the next section of dark, which is going to be approximately a CENTIMETER thick.

we will continue this pattern and do another 3 back to back blonde foils, leaving one  section of dark, and another set of 3 back to back blondes.

when we reach the top panel we will use the same COLORING PATTERN.

in the crown section, angle your foils and continue to foil up to complete your section. this will prevent stripey-ness.

since she has previously lightened blonde ends, so make sure to not overlap lightener over that. that can cause over processing to the hair! because of this, be sure to pick out all the lighter blonde and only paint the darker sections. continue through the section, finishing as usual.

when we get to the BANGS, we’re going to work along with the part. we are going to put the foils in this way:

by doing so, we don't have any striping with the color. we want this color to look DIFFUSED.


we're starting on the side sections and we will go in DIAGONALLY to match her part on the top. again, we want them parallel to the part to prevent striping. we’re starting on the bottom with applying the dark color to the roots. now, we will go through the blonde continuing the same 3 back to back blonde foils then 1 cm thick of dark. when we are all done we can go through and do the ends for the darker sections we left in between.

with the foiling completed, we can move onto the portions of the hair in between we are going to do the 7-3 color. her roots are already done because we did them while applying the foils. this makes our lives a lot easier to apply that color to the ends.


we now have to DYE the  EXTENSIONS. we want to mimic the color pattern we did in her hair. so i will take the weft and split it in half this way

we will color the underneath portion the darker color.

taking a tail comb, we’re WEAVING through the weft to split this in half. so you can see inside- this is actually where the weft rows split themselves. once we piece all this out we'll know EXACTLY what to color.

by the time we’re done sectioning the EXTENSIONS, we’re ready to WASH & TONE.


alright, we've washed the color all out now. we are going to start styling.

this is nvenn 'protect' a HEAT PROTECTANT that helps prevent damage from heat styling like blow drying or flat ironing.

next, veronica applies a bit of nvenn 'replenish' this is really good for RESTORING STRENGTH to the hair and adding shine. it will go in and fill all the cracks and crevices in your hair and seal it so your hair is SOFT and SHINY.

here is the hair with STYLING COMPLETE:


Jessica begins by sectioning the extensions into two halves.

she then applies the COLOR on the half that will hang on the bottom of the extensions.


it is emportent to make sure the color is fully and evenly applied the extensions, and given plenty of time to emulsify in the color before WASHING and DRYING them.

PUTTING IN the extensions

so we're back with the extensions, which are all colored. on the inner portion, jessica has created the darker lowlight. we want brenda's style to be darker UNDERNEATH, as if it she has a darker portion on the bottom section.

so, i'm going to MEASURE the extensions out with her hair and show you guys how to fit them, and then were going to BLEND it.

just so you guys can see how these get put in, we have this top portion sectioned out where the tiara is going to sit, underneath the O-BONE

to achieve an AIR-DRIED TEXTURE, we didn't flat iron brenda's hair, which is naturally curly, and naturally frizzy. so we want this to match her texture.


so we're gonna just pop these on, and they sit right there.

the extentsions shouldn't be too loose, we actually only want ONE FINGER’S WIDTH underneath. we don't want them super tight, but we are going to pull it a little tighter

they have a MICRO LINK BEAD on the end to hold the clear band. Veronica is going to CLAMP that shut so it stays put. if we ever need to loosen it to provide more give on the string, we can definitely do that.

now we are going to let the top down, and we are going to BLEND out this haircut with the TIARA EXTENSIONS. it already looks fairly good but you can see where her length ends, so we need to blend this into the bottom. you can also see how the air dry texture worked REALLY WELL.

alright! there you guys have it! that's what we did to color her hair and color her extensions to blend it all together. it looks AWESOME!!

these extensions are fantastic, and they are so easy to put in and take out of the hair. if you guys have any questions- leave a comment below. if you want to see any specific videos also leave a comment. remember to like and subscribe @nvennhairbeauty xoxo

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