how to WASH YOUR HAIR properly (client demo malia PART 2)

how to WASH YOUR HAIR properly

WASHING your hair seems simple enough, right? believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to wash your day. in PART 2 of today’s consultation, i’m going to show you how to PROPERLY #washyourhair. (for part one, go here)

before we begin, i’m going to brush out her hair. we want to make sure the hair is detangled before we get the hair wet. hair is the weakest when it’s wet. 

start DETANGLING from the bottom of the hair and work your way up. this is the BEST way to PREVENT BREAKAGE while your brush. we recommend using a pick to detangle hair.

WASHING the hair

with the hair brushed out, we’re ready to start the process.

step 1: getting the hair WET

the very first thing you want to do is to get your hair really wet with water and give it a good scrub. the RINSE and SCRUB with water will help to loosen up any build up of scalp oils and dirt that’s on your scalp. 

PRO TIP: educating your clients is KEY! tell them they should always shampoo TWICE. that's where the saying, "lather, rinse, repeat”, comes from. the first cycle will lift the dirt, the second cycle will remove it. 

the first time you shampoo, will LIFT the dirt. the second time you shampoo, will REMOVE the dirt. that being said, shampoo as many times as you need until the scalp is fully clean! It's really important to get that dirt and oil off, otherwise you'll start to develop dandruff. 

step 2: shampooing for the FIRST time

when the hair is completely WET, we’re ready to shampoo. the purpose of shampooing is to remove SCALP grime. which means you want to focus on the SCALP/ ROOTS of your hair. 

PRO TIP: notice that all the hair is laying straight in the sink. if you get a knot in the hair, you will have to get it out. avoid massaging the hair into a ball. all that does is create unnecessary tension and knotting. 

step 3: shampoo AGAIN.

you’ll need LESS shampoo when you get to round 2 because the hair is cleaner, and the dirt has been lifted off the scalp. you’ll notice that your hair will also have more suds after the first wash.

step 4: DRYING the hair.

now i’m going to towel dry your hair because your hair is like a sponge. if it's saturated with water, it's not going to absorb anything else. to prevent causing unnecessary knotting and damage, use a towel to SQUEEZE OUT any of the excess moisture from the hair rather than rubbing the hair.. 

step 5: CONDITIONING the hair

after the hair is towel dried, put ‘nvenn’s polish conditioner’ on your hair and let the conditioner SIT ON for 5 minutes. this gives it time for the micro-keratin to ABSORB/ PENETRATE into your hair to repair it from the inside out. make sure to condition from the mid-shafts down. you don't really need to condition the roots because that'’ll naturally be lubricated from your scalp oils.

step 6: COMBING the hair

once you’ve rinsed and washed, it’s time to COMB it out. remember to START AT THE BOTTOM and work your way up. 


if you’re a stylist:  you need to EDUCATE your clients on how to properly wash their hair. 

if you’re reading as non-stylist: congrats! you now know how to wash your hair the RIGHT WAY.  

try out our ‘split end trio’ in your hair before you blow dry. head on over to our store to place your order now.  if you want to learn more about #hairandbeauty visit our Youtube channel @nvennhairbeauty.


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