I already wash my hair every day. How Does My Hair Still Get so GREASY?

We hear this question all the time. “Why does my hair get so greasy? Do I need to wash it more than once a day?” The answer is NO. If you remember from grade 10 science, our body runs mostly off of ‘negative feedback’ systems. (Meaning when our levels get low we produce more.) Oil production works very much in the same way; when our oil storage gets low our body starts to produce more. Despite what you may think, oil is actually your friend. It is needed to lubricate your scalp and skin. It protects it from cracking and flaking. Your skin is the largest organ that you have and as you know your body uses it to regulate its temperature, protect you and eliminate toxins from your body. Dry skin will clog your pores and will prevent your body from being able to eliminate these toxins properly. Depending on your genetics and the climate in which you live, it takes most people about 2 days to replenish their sebum levels. Your body knows how much you need. If you wash your hair too frequently, a signal will tell your brain to start producing more. Excessive oil production will usually indicate that your skin is too dry. How to fix it.
  1. Start washing your hair every other day. I know it will be tough at first, but we promise your body will start to regulate and slow down the oil production to a normal rate.
  2.  Before washing your hair, take a paddle brush and vigorously comb your scalp all over for 5 minutes and then wait 5 minutes before hopping into the shower.
Paddle Brush

This will do 3 things:

A. It will bring blood flow, which will bring the nourishment your scalp needs to grow healthy hair.

B. It will stimulate oil production so any excessive oil will be secreted prior to you shampooing.

C. It will exfoliate your scalp, clearing any dead skin that is clogging your pores.


3. Use a dry shampoo like ‘nvenn’s clean’ as your solution to any hair grease and odors between your shampoo days. The tapioca and silica will absorb any oil residue making your hair look freshly washed until the next time you are scheduled to wash your hair. Clean is scented purely with Patchouli and Sweet Orange to leave your hair smelling it’s freshest!

  • Water alone will still dry out your hair so avoid wetting as well as washing every day if possible.
  • If you work out and get really sweaty on a day that you aren’t supposed to be shampooing, just give your head a good scrub with water and run some conditioner through your ends. The pH of water alone is astringent enough to clean the hair.
  • Choose sulphate free products. Sulphates are really cheap cleansers that many companies use. They are even found in many common household floor cleaners. Sulphates are very harsh on your scalp and skin.
  • Choose a paddle brush that has little cushions on the end of each bristle to prevent rough scratching of your scalp. It’s meant to stimulate your scalp, not to cause damage.
  • Dandruffs vs Flakes.
Dandruff looks like- big sticky white specs, can be yellowish in color, has an odor. The problem is hyper active sebum production and needs medicated shampoo to get rid of it. Flakes look like- small white specs, no smell, falls out as you run your hand or a brush through your hair. It’s a problem and dry skin and can be treated with TLC and steps 1-3 listed above.   It is important to be able to spot the differences between dandruff and flakes. Many people use really harsh dandruff shampoos in attempts to balance any scalp condition. This will only help if you actually have dandruff. If you have flakes, you are actually only making the problem worse by further drying out the skin.

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