platinum blonde hair with BLUE TIPS

we are here this week with our client kristy, and she is ready for a brand new style. her hair has grown out quite a bit since she decided to go bronze, and she’s back in the chair today for a whole new ‘do.

today is gonna be a huge change for kristy. we are going to cut off quite a bit of length from her hair. after that we are going to take her to platinum, and add some teal to her ends. we are all excited to create this killer look, so let’s get started.

the CUT

here we see how the hair looks before the cut. you can see how far her roots have really grown out. all of the light that you see is artificial color, so we are going to take quite a bit off the ends.


after a trim, we are ready to start foiling. the strands at the front of kristy’s hair are a bit lighter, and also a bit finer than strands at the back of her head, so we are going to start with the back and work our way forward so that we can achieve the desired lightening effect throughout the hair without over-processing the front.

we’ve started by mixing blondme 20 VOL with cool additive and a little bit of continuum restructuring treatment.

here we have sectioned her hair into 4 sections with 2 in the back and 2 in the front. kristy likes to flip her part, so we’ve sectioned the front right down the center.

looking at the back section, we can see the difference between her natural color and the previously lightened hair. this is going to dictate how high we bring the lightener up the strands.

we also want to maintain a good amount of her natural color to create a stunning shadowed root.

as we work our way up, we will incorporate a few different techniques into our foils. here you can see jessica making a section of medium weave to create a babylight.

she then backcombs the strands and applies the lightener up a bit higher to creates a fine veil of light over top of the darker roots below and creates a very nice diffused transition. adding baby-lights should be a very visual process, but a good rule to follow is to add a baby-light every 2 or 3 sections. this breaks up the color and creates a very stunning and natural looking color transition.

her hair is now all foiled and processing, we’ll give it a few minutes to finish developing and then begin to rinse starting with the back sections and working forward.

after LIGHTENING: ready for TONER

here you can see the hair after processing. the cool additive has added a little bit of a purple base tone to the ends, which is going to be perfect for the teal to grab onto.
next we are going to TONE the hair using matrix socolor using a ratio of 2/3 10 violet and 1/3 10 ash on the mid-shafts and ends. after that we are going to use pravana express toner to remove the really warm band of color towards the top.

while the toner processes we will apply our teal color to the ends. for this process, we simply feather the color into the strands. this is another very visual process because we don’t want the color to be straight across and uniform as if it were dip-dyed. instead we want to again create a DIFFUSED COLOR TRANSITION and avoid any harsh lines.

because kristy’s hair has LONG LAYERS in the back, we want to adjust the amount of color we are applying to each section. as we work our way up to the top, we apply less color to keep the blue from moving too far up onto the strands.

here you can see the toner and the color all applied.


we’ll prep her hair for styling with a bit of nvenn ‘protect’ heat shield to create a thermal barrier against the damaging effects of heat tools.

next we’ll apply nvenn ‘fix’ flexible working hairspray to give the hair a bit of hold.

finally a bit of nvenn ‘replenish’ restoration oil to nourish the hair and give it back some of it’s natural shine.

the FINAL look

the end result is a stylish new ‘do that christy just loves! and we are really happy with it too!

if you have any questions or comments be sure to leave them in the section below. make sure to like and subscribe @nvennhairbeauty and stay tuned for a new video every week! <3

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