lifestyle is EVERYTHING. 3 simple questions to ask yourself to have the PERFECT HAIRSTYLE for YOUR LIFESTYLE

One thing that we can confidently say that all woman have in common is that WE ALL WANT GREAT HAIR. Whenever we are considering a new style, one of the first questions that come to mind is, “I wonder if it’s going to look good on me.” Then we proceed to ask our friends, boyfriend, husband, co-workers, and everyone else we come in contact with. There’s one thing that a lot of women fail to consider though and that’s their lifestyle. Of course your hair is going to look FABULOUS the day you leave the salon! How is it going to look until the next time that you’re booked to be back though? A good stylist will know how and what questions to ask you to make sure the style is a right fit for you but there is no harm in being proactive and thinking about these things ahead of time.  After all, you want your hair to look great ALL THE TIME, not just when you are leaving the salon. Here are the 3 questions you want to consider when choosing your style: 1. What is your occupation? We spend more time at our “jobs or businesses” than we do with our families. Our hair style should complement that. Maybe you’re not a morning person and you have a job that you need to leave the house for at 5am every day. You would want to choose something that doesn’t require you to fuss with it for hours daily. (If you have a strong cowlick, maybe bangs aren’t the best option). Perhaps you’re a full time mom of young kids and you need the flexibility of being able to throw your hair up into a pony tail. Obviously cutting it to a length that required you to do it all the time wouldn’t be the best option. Lifestyle 1Lifestyle 2 Ask Yourself: How much time do I have to spend on my hair every day? How often am I willing to style my hair?   2. What are your hobbies? Are you a jogger that hates to run with hair in your face? If you are, we would suggest avoiding shorter lengths, bangs etc. Are you a dancer that needs a lot of texture and layers so that it can better hold curl? Are you a swimmer that needs to be able to wash and style daily? If so, maybe a short pixie cut would be a better option. Lifestyle 3Lifestyle 4 Ask Yourself: Will I need to be able to change my hairstyle throughout the day? What are some of the things that I NEED my hair to be able to do without question? (i.e. go into a pony tail)   3. Last and most importantly, you have to consider the maintenance level. The goal is to have your hair looking amazing when you want it to look amazing. We all have those days where we could care less about what our hair looks like and we also have those days where we want our hair to “WOW” the people we walk pass. Lifestyle 5Lifestyle 6 Ask Yourself: How often are you willing to go back into the salon? When you are at the salon, how long can you stay there for? Is the maintenance going to be something that I can fit into my budget?   Asking yourself these questions (and answering them TRUTHFULLY) will ensure that you choose a hairstyle that will never let you down. When in doubt, go over your concerns with your stylist and they will be able to help walk you through your decision. If you have a busy lifestyle that doesn’t allow you to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks, then don’t choose a color that will require you too. If you are someone that has black hair and wants to be blonde, are you aware that you’ll have to get a full head of foils and a tone every 4-6 weeks to prevent having horrendous regrowth? Remember, all services cost money too. Can you fit the frequency of maintenance the style requires into the expenses you currently have?   If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on any of our social channels and we will gladly answer them for you. FOLLOW @nvenninc for more hair tips and tricks. nvenn social icons.jpg

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