LIGHTENING HAIR TO BLONDE from mermaid pink.


in this blog, Veronica is saying goodbye to her mermaid pink hair and we’re LIGHTENING HAIR TO BLONDE.  though the pink is a beloved color, it takes a lot of tender love and care to remove from your hair.

luckily, Jessica was able to dedicate the love.  despite how easy she makes the process look, it took 9 hours to complete our hair!


here’s a breakdown of the process:



  3. WASH OUT 

  4. COLOR / FOiL 

  5. TONE 

we’ll walk you through the process and give you a few tips and tricks for LIGHTENING HAIR TO BLONDE

(and toning it, too!)

DISCLAIMER: we do not suggest anyone try this at home.


  • 1. applying the COLOR REMOVER

  • we highly recommend Pravana artificial color remover

    (featured in the video above)

    • DIVIDE YOUR HAIR and APPLY the remover evenly throughout your hair.  

    • sit underneath HEAT for about twenty minutes and take a look at the hair.  

    before you rinse, you should be able to see where the color remover has eaten out some of the color.

    in our case, we’re rinsing the color remover after one process of 20 minutes.

    **keep in mind that color remover isn’t a cure-all.  it won’t return your hair to its natural color nor will it make your hair blonde.  it’s core function is releasing artificial pigments from your hair.

    now it’s time to LIGHTEN HAIR TO BLONDE.



    we have lightener + 30 volume on anything that was a pre-existing black and lightener + 20 volume on anything that was magenta. this helps evenly lighten the hair to the desired level.

    consider the different levels of your hair.  adjust your volume as necessary to your color.

    you should be able to see that the majority of the color is lifted out.

    in the video, you can see that there is barely any hue of pink left by the time we move on to the lightening portion of coloring Veronica’s hair BLONDE.

    you’re going to develop a bleach cocktail.  well, not exactly.  

    it’s more like mixing 1 parts bleach to 3 - 10 volume parts developer.  

    massage the bleach in the pastel pinks in order to strip more of the artificial color out before moving on to coloring.

    allow the bleach to lighten and remove color. you will do this visually when the hair reaches the desired shade (dependent on how healthy the hair is and how much lightening it can handle). depending on the color you may need to do more than one process.


    3. washing out the hair

    once you’re done LIGHTENING YOUR HAIR, rinse the bleach ‘cocktail’ out and dry your hair.

    make sure you use a heat protectant on your hair before blowdrying the hair and using hot tools.

    prepare to color!




    now it’s time to dive into color your hair.  in the video, you can see that we’ve foiled the hair and colored it according to our needs.  

    after we dried Veronica’s hair, we decided that we decided to put a 6 over our original 7.  

    we also put toner on the ends of the hair.  however, we don’t advise this unless you’re a professional stylist.  

    you must be extremely careful during the application process, as not every dye job will allow you to color and tone at the same time.

    make sure you periodically check the foils and make sure that your hair is lightening well.  



    5. tips for TONING BLONDE HAIR

    depending on the shade you’re trying to LIGHTEN YOUR HAIR to, you may need to use various different toning colors in order to attain the shade you want.

    here are 2 quick tips to remember when TONING YOR BLONDE HAIR:

    • always consider color theory first. you need to make sure that the colors you’re toning your hair with will actually help you attain the SHADE OF BLONDE you’re trying to dye your hair.

    • be extremely clean during your application process. you do not want the colors you’re toning with to develop unevenly.

    …and now for the BIG REVEAL:



    as always, keeping BEAUTIFUL BLONDE HAIR comes down to taking care of your hair.  

    consider sulfate-free products that protect your blonde hair and try to avoid damaging your hair at all costs!  no matter what color you choose, proper hair care can be the difference between monthly colors and bi-monthly salon visits.

    (hint: our 9-1-1 hair rescue kit is the perfect companion for beautiful blonde locks )


    are you thinking of trying a NEW COLOR for the NEW YEAR?  tell us your hair plans in the comments.  


    P.S. we’re also accepting blog and video ideas for the coming year so if you’ve ever wondered how a certain hairstyle or dye job is done… now’s the time to ask!

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