mens perm hairstyles (PART 2) curly mens hair cut

hey beauty activists. welcome to today's blog. 

today, i'm going to be showing you how to cut CURLY MEN'S HAIR. this is the cut and the style portion of last week's blog where i did the male perm/body wave. 

perms are huge right now! you're going to be getting asked to do a lot of them, and a style is not complete without the proper haircut. we did a nice fade on carter's hair and then we blended the curls into the side (a great hairstyle to do for all curly, short hair). Read more to learn how to recreate this cut.

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PERMING the hair 

take a look at carter's hair before we did the perm. you can see he has a lot of LENGTH on top.

he has it shaved on his sides and his back. there's a lot of DISCONNECTION between the top and the bottom. 

the longer the hair, the easier it is to perm so we're going to perm it prior to cutting it. the final cut will look like a disconnected cut (with shaved sides and a disconnected top). that being said, we will use a texturizing technique to soften the disconnection.

we have carter at the sink with all the rods in and his perm is now PROCESSING

Here’s what it looks like right after we took out the rollers. check out these awesome CURLS

the CUT

now, we're going to be cutting the hair so it's not sitting over like a disconnected haircut.


we want it to have a nice fade starting from the neck line, up until the crown (at the back of the head). i'll be cutting the sides with SCISSOR OVER COMB. once that is done, i'll soften the disconnection between the length on the back and sides to the top permed section. 

cutting the top, is a VISUAL PROCESS for me. first, i play around with the curls to make sure that they're sitting in the right spot. once the hair is sitting where i want it to, i’ll cut it into place. this way, i can see how this is going to look when he has it styled. 

PRO TIP: make sure there's BALANCE in the curls. you want the DISTRIBUTION of the hair to be even on both sides. take into account any whirls or growth patterns they might have or cowlicks. if the hair is cut too short in one of these unruly growth pattern spots, it’ll become a nightmare for your client to style. MAKE YOURSELF THE BEST by custom cutting each of your perm’s to your client’s hair texture and hair growth patterns.

carter had an extreme disconnection from his previous haircut. if i were to completely blend the curls into the length of the hair on the back, we'd have to take off a lot of length in the crown and we don’t want to lose all of that curl that we just put in. rather than doing that, i’m just going to BLEND IT so you don't see a huge disconnection. 

i'm taking DIAGONAL forward sections as I work my way towards the front hairline. make sure to check to see if there are any corners at the parietal ridge. if there are, you can just point cut into them to break up the corner slightly.

i'm not going to use defined sections and/ or a firm tension. i want SOFTNESS in the curls and i want them to look like they are falling naturally from his head. i will still comb the hair but just with minimal tension. 

the reason why there's a corner there in the first place is because his previous haircut was super disconnected. 

PRO TIP: to BLEND in the sides with the top: pull the hair straight out from the parietal ridge and POINT CUT out the corner that is there

i am going to keep the length in the front and texturize his hair so that it pushes forward. 

we are going to work from side to side; mimicking what we do on one side on the other. we want to finish with a SYMMETRICAL haircut.

i’m going to use a scissor over if there's any additional weight that needs to be taken out.

now i'm going to cut the length on the TOP. i’m going to take horizontal sections across the top of the head and pull it straight up to cut.

i want to keep as much as length up top as possible. the main priority is to clean up the ends and to blend the sides into the top.

i want a UNIFORM LENGTH from the left side to the right side.

as i work towards his face i'm going to OVER DIRECT each section (back into the previous one) to increase the length at the front hairline.

once we hit the section right in the front, which would be the FRINGE SECTION, there will be barely anything to cut.

PRO TIP: to cross check, take a vertical section and check to see that the hair increases in length from the crown to the front hairline. 

with that all complete, i am going to use a clipper to take his sides in a bit tighter to give him a traditional FADE. then we will be back to style it!

STYLING the hair

now the cut is FINISHED

i'm going to be using my favorite curly hair cocktail, which is ‘nvenn’s curl’ mixed with 'nvenn's texture'. CURL is our curl enhancing product. it’s infused with MANGO SEED BUTTER which has a high emolliency! this makes our curl cream super hydrating and moisturizing. it’s amazing for bringing the curl out. 

texture is our strong-hold whipped paste. it's such a LIGHT product that it can dry invisible in the hair if used properly. the finish is very natural. this is going to give the hair some good hold and of course, texture!

i'm going to MIX the two together. 

PROTIP: if you are looking for NATURAL HAIR CARE PRODUCTS that PERFORM WELL, you should check out the rest out our line at the base of our entire line is ORGANIC SEA KELP

sea kelp is rich in over 70 trace minerals and also has 5 of the major vitamins that your hair needs to grow in healthy and shiny.

make sure to apply the product evenly from roots to ends. this will ensure you get your curls even.

for the hair around the PRIDAL RIDGE (where the bottom of the head meets the top of the hair,) we want to just push all the hair down and forward and see that its all falling correctly. we want them to be TAMED DOWN and sitting nicely with the style. 

PROTIP: style curly hair while it is still WET for a clean look.

your client can let his hair air dry if you would like, or - to see a little bit more of a formed curl, what we're going to do is use a DIFFUSER part of the way. 

when you're using a diffuser, place the curls into the diffuser and hold it right onto the SCALP without moving it around. moving the diffuser just yields a frizzier finish. 

i don't want to dry the hair completely in the diffuser because i want it to air dry a little bit.

the more you play with curly hair when it’s dry, the FRIZZIER it gets. allowing your hair to air dry a little bit will help your hair to SET with a more DEFINED CURL

now that the hair is diffused, i’m going to check the finished style for balance.

once we have the hairs in place and the curls where we want them to be, we're just going to leave the hair to dry. 

the finished look

all right! there you guys have it - that is how to cut short curly hair.

very helpful as we expect that you're going to be doing more male perms or short hair perms in the salon, which will be becoming more popular. 

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so go out there, change the world through hair and beauty, and we'll see you guys next week by beauty activists.

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