MENS perm: short haircuts with a perm

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we're going to be doing a PERM on carter today! we all know that perms are coming back and they're coming in full force (even men want a little wave in their hair today)! follow along with veronica, as she shows us the best techniques for a perm.

he's been growing out his hair for a while now, so we’ve got some good LENGTH to work with. 

we’re going to perm it first and shape it afterwards.  

if you look at the cut that he has, he has a lot of DISCONNECTION. he has the sides and the back all shaved but tons of length on the top.

once the perm is done, we will soften the disconnection by blending the sides into the top.

getting prepped

i'm going to be using PERM RODS of different sizes. i actually decided against using the gray rods in the picture here because we want a looser curl.

the first step for a perm is to CLARIFY the hair. we want the hair super clean! clarifying shampoo will strip away any buildup or residue left in the hair. a great product for getting off build up while nourishing the hair is nvenn’s ‘wash’.

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PROTIP: a great way to separate your perm papers (so they're easy to grab) is to hold them out in your palm, take the end of your comb, place it directly on top of the pile and TWIST the comb around in a circle. this will fan out all of your perm papers.

placing the perm rods

we are gonna start in the CENTER front and i’ll be rolling the hair forward onto his face. i’m doing this because carter wants to wear his hair forward and onto his face.

PRO TIP: if he did have a side of preference, then you'd want to roll the rods in the direction that the client would like to wear it. 

as a general rule, you're section sizes should be the same as the ROD SIZE. this prevents perming the hair with any unwanted overdirection.

 for ex) if you're using the purple rod, it's gonna be the same size as that rod. if you're using the orange one, it will be the same size as that. and same thing for the blue.

the sponge rods are very easy to use in the hair and are especially perfect for getting a softer, LESS FORMED CURL

roll it into the hair in the same way and then you're going to BEND the sides to hold the rod in place. using the rod to secure it to the head is going to give it a little bit LOOSER of a curl.

make sure to keep the hair very WET when you're wrapping it. this is going to make it a lot easier for you to wrap the hair and allow you to apply even TENSION.

always keep your sections very CLEAN. use a tail comb and make sure you don't have any hairs that don't belong in that section. the cleaner your sections are, the tighter your wrap will be. 

i'm going to be ALTERNATING between different rod sizes. i started with the purple rod, then used the larger orange sponge rods, and last i’m  going to use the blue rods. 

as i move up the section, it's now becoming a little bit wider, so we're going to be using TWO RODS in one row to prevent any unwanted over direction.

i’m going to use a BRICK LAY FORMATION as we progress. this will ensure that there are no ‘line breaks’ between the curls.

now that we've worked through all perm rod sizes, we're going to go back to the first size, which is the purple. continue with the brick lay formation that you started.

Continue to work through the entire top section by ALTERNATING between perm rod sizes in each row and brick laying the perm rods. 

here is the SECTIONING. see how clean and precise it is. 

we are just going to be using one ORANGE ROD all the way across this section because it is large enough to fit all of the hair. again, the orange rod is going to produce a little bit looser of a curl, which is very nice to blend in with the tighter curls that we have.

I’m going to keep rolling the rods FORWARD, so his hair falls forward towards his face.

around the crown, make sure you are using the necessary number of perm rods needed to properly wrap the hair.

you always want to think about how your client's hair is going to NATURALLY FALL when they're styling it. 

once i reach the crown, i'm going to switch the direction that i'm going to be rolling his hair. i’m doing this because he's not going to be pulling all this hair forward.

take a look at all the rods put in. you can see that we have a STAGGERING BRICKLAY pattern in there.

perm solution APPLICATION

we're going to take him to the sink now to apply the perm SOLUTION. you want to make sure that with his head pulled back in the sink, that the rods are all staying in very TIGHT

i've used CLIPS here to prop up the rods so that they stay in the right direction and that they stay rolled in tight onto the base. 

PRO TIP: make sure that the clips aren’t creating any tension on the hair. the kink left from the clip will show through in the finished result. 

now for STEP ONE: the perming solution. this is this step that breaks the bonds that give the hair it’s natural texture.

we are now going to let this process. always follow the MANUFACTURER'S DIRECTIONS. this perm solution recommends that we process his hair type for 35 minutes. 

you want to periodically do TEST CURLS to check to make sure that the hair is perming properly and that it is not over-processing. 

carter's hair is super healthy so we don't have to be as careful with it. if you have client that has processed hair, you want to be doing test curls pretty regularly to make sure that the hair condition stays healthy. DON’T PERM DAMAGED HAIR! there is a high chance that damaged hair would just turn into mush.

PRO TIP: to check hair, look for this S SHAPED CURL PATTERN. This shows that the perm is working.

now we're going to RINSE out the hair. make sure to get out 100% of the perm solution in there. 

once the rinse is complete, we're going to TOWEL DRY the hair to get off all the excess moisture. and then we will move on to neutralizing. 

we're going to get a little bit creative here. we have a couple of these rods that are rolling off because of the way that carter's head is tilted. i'm going to TIGHTEN them and roll them back onto the orange rods for support.

moving on to STEP TWO: we're going to put NEUTRALIZER into the hair. this is the process that reconnects the bonds (that you broke in step one) into their new curl shape.

make sure the hair is super saturated! because i want a very ‘formed’ curl, i'm going to keep the rods in during the entire neutralization process. 

PRO TIP:  if you want a looser curl, you can take out the rods for the last couple minutes of the neutralization process. if you want a TIGHTER / MORE STRUCTURED CURL, keep the rods in for the full processing time.

now that processing time is done, we're going to RINSE the hair FULLY!

all right! check out this awesome CURL

after the cut

i did the cut and style is well, which will be released on our youtube channel. subscribe to our channel so you can learn how to do the haircut and style as well. make sure to ‘turn on the little bell’ so that you are notified whenever the video goes live! 

i am going to be cocktailing two products into carter's hair. it's going to be 'curl' our curl enhancing product and  ‘texture’, whipped paste mixing the two together is going to give the perfect combo for a curly hairstyle that wants a little bit more form. ‘nvenn’s curl’ product is going to add moisture and really bring the curl out and ‘nvenn’s texture’ is going to give a really good hold and of course, good texture.

completed look

all right there. you guys have it!

as you know with curly hair, the more you play with it/ touch it, the frizzier it's going to get so i’m going to let the hair air dry for the most part.

that is how to do the men's perm or body wave. try this look out for yourself - it's a super fun style to do.

the perm game is coming back full force so get familiar with them and start having fun! they are actually a great service to offer and they will inevitably bring in more clients and make you more money. 

we put out videos every week on our youtube so we always want to make sure that we're helping you guys better your craft and make more money. 

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guys go out into your world and change the world through hair and beauty :) we all have the capacity and the ability to do great things out there! thanks for being a part of our community. 

stay tuned and we'll see you guys next time. 

bye, beauty activists!

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