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NEW YEARS 2019 hair hacks: turn your day style into a night style


even with the major holidays behind us, chances are your schedule hasn’t slowed down one bit. neither has ours. it is not uncommon for us to be running from the salon to a party of charity event. which is why we’re going to show you how to transform your hair from DAY STYLE to NIGHT STYLE.

during the day, you’re far more likely to sport loose curls. for formal events, updo’s are the go to. here’s the easiest way to create a 5 MINUTE HAIRSTYLE that will turn heads.

what you’ll NEED:

  • 10 bobby pins
  • hair piece [optional]

SECTIONING the hair & creating the STYLE

first things first, we’re going to SECTION the hair. start by separating the hair you want to leave out of the updo. this will be a matter of preference. you could pull the tendrils out after you’ve styled, but the challenge with that is that it may offset your style or create a need to repin.

with your tendrils sectioned, it’s time to CREATE the updo. grab a side and TWIST like so:


make sure you’re pulling the hair from the NAPE of the neck as well. this initial motion will be building the FOUNDATION for the style. the first couple of bobby pins you place on your head are the most important. securely insert the FIRST bobby pin across the twist.

with a SECOND bobby pin, create a CRISS-CROSS pattern over the first pin. this will create a sturdy foundation for you to pin the rest of your hair to.

now it’s time to TWIST the other side of the head. we’re going to use the same CRISS-CROSS technique, but we want to create this pattern on top of the first two bobby pins.


PHASE 1 is complete! if you want to leave it as it is- it makes a great style! but if you’re looking for the CLASSIC UPDO, continue on.

with the rest of the bobby pins, it’s time to PIN your ends in.

this will take a bit of TRIAL and ERROR. feel around for a lack of volume and use a mirror to check for a symmetrical style.

if you want to ELEVATE the updo, you can add feathers or other hair pieces to the look. in jessica’s case, she selected a feather hair piece.

the STYLE is COMPLETE! and with a few practice runs, it can take you less than 5 minutes to perfect. use this #hairhack anytime you need to turn your day style into a night style. 😘

THANK YOU so much for being with us through this last year. as always, if you have any questions feel free to ask us @nvennhairbeauty.


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