permanent makeup: TATTOOING my own EYELINER

after her video on tattooing her own lips, we realized how many of our followers have a lot of interest in PERMANENT MAKEUP.  which is why today, jessica is touching up her EYELINER TATTOOS and giving a few tips and tricks along the way.


at nvenn, we LOVE PERMANENT MAKEUP.  not only is it the only way to WAKE UP with your MAKEUP, it lasts for anywhere from a year to 2 years.  so if you’re anything like us and looking for a way to reduce the amount of time you spend getting ready in the morning, PERMANENT EYELINER may be for you :)


before we jump into the tattooing process, let’s take a moment to cover a few basics:


  • everyone’s reaction will be different.  to some, it won’t hurt at all.  to others, they’ll feel the pain couldn’t get worse!  always make sure to FREEZE the area of the face your tattooing with a numbing agent.


  • everyone’s healing journey will be different.  the vast majority of tattoos will be healed (enough to wear lashes or makeup again) within 7-8 days.  we’ll show you more of the process later.


  • swelling can stop a session in its tracks.  if you experience excessive swelling, you will likely be asked to schedule another session after your eye(s) has healed.  the LAST thing you want to do is overwork swollen tissue.  this can result in the ink migrating, blotching, and a whole world of issues.

now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk FORMULAS:


  • 4 drops of chocolate brown from bioutch
  • 2 drops of black
  • ½ a drop of orange from biotouch
  • ½ a drop of olive from biotouch


this FORMULA is a perfect combination.  the orange neutralizes out the blues in the black dye, where the olive counteracts the red tones in the brown.  as always, you should always go with a classic look first.  you can darken it in the future, but we’ve found this combination is just right.


with our ink mixed, it’s time to put on a little FREEZE and prepare the machine. for PERMANENT EYELINER, we’ve chosen a 3 round needle.  

p.s. if you’re working on someone other than yourself, WEAR GLOVES. being sanitary is the most important thing.


the BOTTOM of the liner

we’ve set the need at a medium speed, with the needle sticking out about a millimeter. we start by inserting the needle into the ink and making sure it’s saturated the needle.

then we’re ready to start tattooing.  we hold the eye tightly, stretching away from the eyeball.  with our needle at a 90 degree angle, we’ll start in the middle and work our way outwards.  after each stroke, make sure to wipe away the excess ink so that you can always CLEARLY see what you’re doing.

towards the inner corner, we’re going to allow it to fade.  after all, we don’t want the inside corner as dark as the outside.


the TOP of the liner

while we give the bottoms a second to settle, we’re going to put a layer of FREEZE on the top.  after 10 minutes of letting the freeze sit, we’re ready to dive in.

again you’re going to start in center and move outwards. you’ll want to make sure you OVERLAP your lines to make sure you have no gaps.

you’ll want to use a back and forth motion on the eye and towards the wing, we’re going to use CIRCULAR MOTIONS.  the top is the hard part, so STAY VIGILANT!  if you feel like your hand is shaking, take a break.

after you have both eyes done, review your work to make sure that you don’t need to fill in any spots you may have left lighter than the others.

after you’re finished, apply bacitracin ANTIBIOTIC ointment


the HEALING journey

typically, permanent eyeliner will be healed in 7 days. during the healing process, you should avoid any eye makeup.

here’s a quick breakdown of those 7 days:


today the swelling is actually worse than yesterday.  however, the swelling has gone down a ton since this morning.  she did apply a layer of bacitracin ANTIBIOTIC ointment this morning, but you don’t want to continue that after the initial tattoo and day 1.  it can affect the way the tattoo heals.



as you can see, they’re healing nicely!  the swelling is almost 100% gone.  better yet, they don’t feel tender anymore and they’re starting to reflect what the finished result will look like.  to keep them moist, jess put a little bit of coconut oil on them but other than that- it’s been smooth sailing!



on day 3, not much has changed. no scabbing yet. and if we’re lucky- there won’t be much scabbing at all.



we skipped yesterday for the fact that it was exactly like day 3.  today jessica’s eyes are almost fully healed.  there’s a bit of scabbing around the corners, but it will fall off tonight or tomorrow and she’ll be ready to start wearing lashes again.



now the liner is FINALLY HEALED. if you feel them from front to back, they’re completely smooth and ready to be rocked!  all she had to do this morning was put on lashes ( and lip gloss :)


though your new liner may be looking good and ready to go, it’s important to keep in mind that just like any other tattoo- it is not completely healed until 6-8 weeks have passed by. in the meantime, follow these tips:

  • don’t be aggressive with your eyes during makeup application
  • keep your eyes clean and remove your makeup
  • avoid direct sunlight for the next week or two to avoid the ink fading faster

remember, jessica is a professional.  if you are not trained to do permanent makeup, DO NOT do it.  only registered technicians should try this.  if you want permanent EYELINER, take this cheat sheet to your technician or make an appointment with us at our edmonton or calgary location. if you’re currently in school... take this cheat sheet to your teacher and ask for their help. you do not want to risk infection or damage to your eyes for the sake of ‘trying it yourself’.





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