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Premium Natural Beauty Company Born Out of Canada with a Cause

Edmonton, AB - Nvenn Hair & Beauty Inc. announces today that they will be launching 5 premium  natural  hair styling  products,  focusing on fashion, health and sustainablity. Expansion will be announced as we approach their launch dates. The founders feel this is a great way to promote Canadian culture and business.  The whole production process occurs within Canada which helps to fuel our economy. To learn more about Nvenn and their premium ingredients visit the 'ABOUT' section. Why Nvenn Hair & Beauty Inc. Nvenn Health and beauty Inc. believes in positive change in the world. 'Nvenn' comes from the latin phrase ''Inventa il tuo mondo'', meaning invent your world.They want to empower people to live authentically and live life by design. Their mission statement reads,''our mission at Nvenn is to spark change in our world. We empower people to invent their world by providing a product line that serves as an outlet for flare. beauty and indivisuality. A Soul that is truly embraced is one that is truly expressed,so be who you were meant to be. In this light,we inspire others. We beleive a movement is started from an idea and can spill over to affect many. This is our time; choose,stand and together we wil move'' Contact To learn more and to order your products, visit the 'CONTACT' page.

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