from auburn RED to PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR in 1 DAY

this week, we’ve got another case of box dye but we’re not threatened.  we’re taking our dear friend erin from auburn red hair to a PLATINUM BLONDE with gorgeous shine.  


LIGHTENING the hair from red

as always, the process begins by sectioning the hair into 4 even quadrants.  in this case, we’re making sure each side mirrors the other because our client likes to flip her part around. in order to attain the PLATINUM BLONDE we’re going for, we’re leaving the tiniest bit of root to ensure that she doesn’t have to bleach her hair often.

erin has a TON of hair, so we’re also going to want to be extremely CAREFUL when lightening her hair.  the sections we take into our foils need to be thin enough to saturate all of the hair evenly.

first, we backcomb the hair and begin applying lightener to her ENDS and working up to the ROOTS.  as we approach the roots, we turn the brush to a 45 degree angle and begin melting the line backwards leaving about an inch of dark root.

remember, in order to create a NATURAL looking color you need to stagger the space you leave as the dark roots and the lightener with each foil.

as we reach the top of the section, we’re going to break up the harsh lines with a BABY WEAVE technique.  


once you approach the last section towards the top of the head, you’re going to want to take the lightener to root while still feathering as you paint. repeat the process for the remaining 3 sections and you’ve got a FULL head of foils:

we let her hair process for a full 20 minutes and headed to the sink before TONING her hair.



as you can see, erin’s hair has a lot of leftover BRASSY tones that we need to take care of.  this is where TONER comes in.  we apply our formula to her entire head and allow it to process for a full 20 minutes.  then it’s time to wash and style.

to revitalize erin’s hair after the LIGHTENER, we’re going to use nvenn’s REPLENISH restoration oil.  then we’re going to follow it up with nvenn’s PROTECT head shield to avoid heat damage for the blow dryer.

last but not least, we’re adding VOLUMIZER before blow drying her hair and adding a slight curl.

the end result?  beautiful PLATINUM BLONDE hair without a hint of the red there used to be :)




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