REMOVE COLOR from hair and color hair extensions

hey, beauty activists check out my long lashes hair, i have my extensions in. for today's video, what i'm going to show you guys is how to gently remove color from EXTENSIONS, so that you can recolor them to match your hair color.

these are my old extensions from when my hair was pastel pink, which was probably five or six years ago.

i've never thrown out the extensions, because the hair is still super healthy and very beautiful. but what i know is, obviously, i can't use the pastel pink extensions in my hair without changing the color. with extensions, we are not able to process them a ton. they come already processed, so the more you do to them, the worst they're going to feel. 

you really want to limit the amount of coloring you're doing, and you definitely don't want to be putting bleach on them. that could really destroy the integrity of the hair, and then you have gross extensions.

what i have to do is gently remove this pink color, so that i can put my color on top and have a perfect match like this.

the goal of extensions is that you don't want to know they are extensions. they want to blend completely with your hair, and look like your hair. these extensions are so perfect, i bet you you don't know where my hair starts and where my hair stops. pelo, what do you think?

check this out. you see the difference of my lengths versus this. you couldn't even tell. 

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we are going to be using the PRAVANA ARTIFICIAL COLOR EXTRACTOR to remove the pink in the hair.

starting with the clarifying shampoo, we're going to really make sure that this hair shampooed out very well so it's very clean.

now, we're going to apply the pravana color extractor onto the extensions, making sure to fully saturate the hair. 



once we have this side all applied, we're going to flip over the extensions and apply to the other side, so that we can make sure that the extensions are saturated thoroughly on both sides.



to make sure the hair is fully saturated, we're then going to comb through the hair, and then we're going to EMULSIFY it into the extensions.



we are now going to process for 20 minutes under heat, so we're going to have it under the dryer. after the processing time, you can see now that a lot of that pink color has been eaten away, which is perfect.


this now gives us a great canvas to put the color on top of, so we're going to take this to the sink to wash out.

it is very important when you're using the pravana extractor that you get out all the color pigment that is left. what happens when you're using the extractor, it shrinks the color molecule out of the hair, and that's what actually is the gentle remover of color in the hair. 

you want to make sure that all that pigment is gone because i've found in the past, if you go to recolor the hair, and the PIGMENT is not gone, you can actually reactivate it and reoxidize it, coloring the hair back to what it was.

after we do our first shampoo, i'm also going to be doing a developer rinse shampoo where i'm putting a developer into the shampoo and emulsifying it into the extensions.

what this is going to help do is really, really make sure to wash away any remaining pigment that is left on the hair. 

this is a very, very important step to do when you are going to be coloring the hair after using the pravana extractor.

you can take a look at the extensions all laid out. we have it to a nice blonde color. we have a majority of all that pink out. this is going to give us a perfect palette for us to put our color on over top.



we are now going to color the extensions with half 7, half 722. this is going to match my hair color. the color that i use on my hair is only a 722, but why i'm going to be mixing the extensions with half 7n, is because usually my extensions always come out ashier than they're supposed to, and you have to compare the base of these extensions versus my hair. 

these extensions are a very light blonde color, so they're not going to have as much warmth and yellow pigment as my hair will. by doing half 7n, half 722, it's going to give us the perfect color to match my hair, which is 722.

again, we're going to flip the extensions over so we can color the other side and make sure the extensions are fully saturated.



again, we're going to comb through the extensions with the color and emulsify them together to make sure that it's fully saturated all the way through, and there's no hair in the extensions that has not been colored. the hair is all in process now, so we're ready to wash out.

take a look at the colors, they match perfectly. let me get them in for you so you can see how they look with my hair.

there you guys have it. that's how you guys can gently remove color from extensions to recolor them. try that out for yourself. if you guys have extensions at home or you have clients that have extensions, and they want to reuse them, make sure that you check that they're healthy and the hair is still good, but this is a great technique you can use to remove some of that color.

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bye, beauty activists.

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