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SPLIT ENDS: analyze, cut, prevent

despite the fact that 90% of people are looking to grow their hair out to some extent, few know how to recognize when their hair needs some love. today we’re going to give you the secrets on how to avoid SPLIT ENDS by teaching you how to:

  1. ANALYZE the health of your hair
  2. know when it’s time to get a HAIRCUT
  3. and PREVENT damage

our dear friend lissa from raw food romance will be joining us for a haircut and makeover as we discuss split ends and damage - and how to prevent them.

ANALYZING the health of your hair

this process begins by asking yourself one essential question: when is the last time you had a haircut?  in lissa’s case, it’s been about 6 months. (which is a too long- but we’ll get into that later.)

with that time period in mind, make a list of everything you LOVE about your hair. lissa loves her length and the lack of grey.

now for the hard part: what do you NOT LOVE about your hair?  for example, lissa’s hair is prone to breakage when wearing tight ponytails.


with the the basics down, it’s time to think about the STRUCTURE of your hair.  

for people with straight hair, you can envision the strand as a straight circle. those with wavy hair have follicles shaped like ovals. tight curls have almost elliptical shapes. what that means in terms of HAIR CARE, is that curly hair is naturally more fragile to in its structure and requires more care to prevent SPLIT ENDS and damage. the curlier your hair is, the more time you need to spend protecting it.

signs you NEED A HAIRCUT

the biggest sign you need a haircut is the presence of SPLIT ENDS.  split ends are detrimental  to hair and can travel all the way up the strand until you’re forced to get more hair chopped off.

you can IDENTIFY split ends by examining the ends of your hair.  examine the strands:are they losing pigment or appearing see-through? when hair follicles split, they become weak and porous until they die entirely.

as a general rule of thumb, you should get a haircut every 4-6 weeks. however, if you see split ends- make an appointment for a TRIM as soon as possible.

preventing SPLIT ENDS and damage

if your hair has undergone damage, it’s important to understand just how bad the damage is. haircuts are your only true defense against split ends. though many products attempt to glue the split ends back together, the only way to get rid of a split end is to cut it off.  the secret to getting the hair of your dreams is preventing split ends and damage from occurring.

why styling WET HAIR is one of the worst things you can do for you hair

the elasticity of wet hair is VERY DIFFERENT than the elasticity of dry hair.  if you take a strand of your hair while it’s dry and pull, you’ll notice that it doesn’t really stretch past it’s length.  wet hair will actually stretch when tugged at- until it breaks.

to prevent BREAKAGE, never attempt to do anything to your hair when it’s wet. don’t sleep with it wet, put a ponytail in while it’s wet, or even LOOK AT IT! :P

use TRACELESS HAIR TIES whenever possible

TRACELESS hair ties like our ‘invisi-ring’ relieve the hair of tension and don’t damage hair the way traditional hair ties do. tension is the main source of BREAKAGE - due to the restriction placed on the hair.

this is especially true for people like lissa who have FINE hair, as it’s much easier to break than thick hair.

use NATURAL PRODUCTS without any harsh chemicals

speaking of preventive measures, NATURAL PRODUCTS are vital to ensuring the strong and healthy hair.  regular shampoos damage hair and strip it of its natural oils, were natural shampoos will help strengthen and protect your hair.

products like our ‘wash’ and ‘polish’ use powerful natural ingredients to support growth and help repair hair from daily wear.  a good shampoo and conditioner NEED to be a part of your hair care routine, but they’re are even more ways you can prevent split ends and damage from occurring.

in today’s video, we’re using two additional products on lissa’s hair to help PREVENT FUTURE DAMAGE.

  • replenish hair restoration oil and shine infuser. this product is going to fill in the cracks on lissa’s hair and help repair weak spots.
  • protect’ heat protectant. this product creates a thin layer of protection on her hair, so that when the heat of the styling tools touches her hair- it burns the product and not her hair.

  • now we’re ready to move on to MAKEUP. much like hair products, we encourage everyone to use natural, cruelty free, and if possible- vegan products. even the lashes we’re using for lissa’s makeup are natural and cruelty free.

    if you’re struggling to find cruelty-free lashes, we recommend Dollar Eyelash Club lashes. contradicting popular belief, natural lashes don’t have to cost a fortune.  this dollar lash club will even deliver them to your door <3

    the moral of the story? show your hair the LOVE it deserves

    preventative care is the best way to PREVENT SPLIT ENDS, but it can’t do all of the work. get regular haircuts and do everything you can to minimize day-to-day damage.\

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