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hello everyone. welcome to today's blog. so today the question that we're going to talk about is why do we ROB OURSELVES OF JOY

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so back to what we're talking about. why do we rob ourselves of joy? i was just traveling in india and i had a life revelation when i was there. it was the middle of january and back at home it was minus 46 degrees celsius. for those of you that are from the united states, as you know, celsius is way colder than fahrenheit. i was sitting in india and it was a beautiful sunny day and i should have been enjoying it, but rather than enjoying it, what was i thinking? due to cultural norms, i had to be outside in a t-shirt and pants. which really isn’t a big deal at all but i found myself wishing that i could be sitting there in a tank top and shorts.


how silly! suddenly something came over me and i was like, “jessica, you're being ridiculous! it is BEAUTIFUL! you could be sitting at home in a parka, inside your house with the heat turned up, and extra heaters on and underneath the blanket and you still wouldn't be warm. why are you not enjoying the sunny day? that really helped me to start to shift my perspective. and then i started to wonder how often i am robbing joy for myself each day?


so i came across this book when i was in india and it is called JOY 24/7 from sadhguru. this guy is actually hilarious. he's an indian man that is a thought leader that speaks about how we can change our internal wiring to be happier and to experience more joy in our lives. he has made it on youtube so look up a video called ‘bad company’. what he says is so funny and is so true!

when i came across this book, i decided to buy all the copies off of the shelf and i also decided to start what i am going to call ‘the joy movement’. i’m not sure what will come of this but if we can spark more joy in at least one other person’s life, i would deem the movement a success! we're going to just see what happens. something might happen, something might not happen, i'm not sure. but i think at the very least, something good will happen, no matter how big or small it will be, it'll be SOMETHING GOOD. 


before we get into the details of ‘the joy movement’, lets talk about joy! HAPPINESS is actually something that comes from the INSIDE. oftentimes life gets busy and we start to chase these things; we want a bigger book of business, we want to have a nicer car, we want to have a bigger house. we think that all of these things are going to somehow make us happier because it’ll mean that we are “better” at something.

but that's really not the case! happiness and joy comes from a place inside and after i read this book, it really helped me to reconnect with that! now, what i want to do is create a MOVEMENT OF JOY! i'm hopeful that it's going to be the hugest movement ever but even if it is just a little movement that’s ok too. any movement is a good movement! if we could all take a little bit of time in our day to spread a little bit more joy in someone else's life, and of course within our own, i think that the day was a success.

i've already hand picked the people that i want to send this book to; some of them are within our digital community, some of them are within my community here at home. 


the intent is for the book to be read and then passed on to the next person. if this book falls into your lap somehow, don't take it unless you're ready to read it. it's totally okay if it's not your time, it will make its way back to you when the time is right for you. if you are choosing to read it though, it's a really, really easy read. there's no reason why you can't have it read in a week's time, even if you're not a strong reader. once you read it, you can then have it into the next person’s hands! this way, it'll make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time!


a letter from jessica

in each copy of JOY 24/7, jessica wrote a little letter on the inside. 

it reads - “my purpose is to spread joy. so only take me if you're going to read me. if it's not the right time for you, don't worry. i'll make my way back to you when the time is right. happiness is the only thing in life that's truly free. how many people can say they are wholeheartedly happy? (okay. not the only thing, but you know what i mean.) i'm an easy read so you'll be able to read me in a week or two and then pass me on to the next person. if you experience a moment of joy, please share it with us on instagram @nvennhairbeauty, #carebeyondhair and #changingtheworldthroughhairandbeauty.”



i was able to capture the reaction of a few people that I gave the book to: 

the first person to receive the book was veronica. she really loved the idea! she agrees, who wouldn’t want more joy in their lives?

second, was my friend rodolfo. it's actually perfect because he's currently in the process of doing a hundred days of joy. he said - ‘i'd like to just be more HAPPIER in the now in the moments that i'm living. i feel like a lot of times i look for reasons not to have joy or i let little things bug me and so i'd like to have little things inspire me instead.’

then i met up with nancy, to pass her a copy as well! she said - ‘so i think that this is such a great idea and i want to thank jesy for giving this to me. i'll definitely read it in a week or two and i'm glad that this is going to start a movement. and i'm excited to read it and retain all the KNOWLEDGE and read it from my heart and get a lot out of it and then pass it to the next person.


we can do this TOGETHER

to cultivate this wave of joy, it’s always strength in numbers! once you have a SHIFT IN PERSPECTIVE you will find there are many moments to celebrate! maybe you’ll celebrate something as simple as a sunny day, maybe you’ll celebrate that your baby didn’t puke on you today, or that all your clients were on time! there are many moments to experience joy! 

if you experience that moment of joy, i would love it if you posted it on your instagram and tagged us @nvennhairbeauty and #carebeyondhair and/or #changingtheworldthroughhairandbeauty and let us know about it! the more of us that can be happy and that can spread this joy, ultimately makes the world that much of a better place.

so that's it for today. i hope you enjoyed it. i hope this book makes it into your lap. if you are someone that wants to read it, send us a direct message on instagram and we will try to get you a copy of this book.


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until next time, go SPREAD JOY!

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