taking platinum blonde back to NATURAL HAIR colour

veronica here! i’m in the salon with my client jess. she wants to return to her NATURAL HAIR COLOR after having platinum blonde hair. she’s let her hair grow out a bit, and let me know that she may be coming back to the salon to go back to PLATINUM BLONDE. for that reason, we’ll be doing this a little differently.

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instead of a fill colour, i’m going to COLOR MATCH her natural hair. with a 7 health against her hair, i can tell that this is the right colour family with a bit too much warmth.


typically, natural blondes tend to fall on the ashy side of colours. with an ash 7, i can see that this is a good fit for her hair.


i know the end result needs to be an ashier 7. however when i look at her ends i know i have to restore some of the pigment. i will need to replace the yellow pigment for the colour to stick.


so, what i’m going to do is mix a ½ 7:1 with ½ 7 natural. i’ll also add 5 grams of 7 gold. this will act as a bit of fill and add richness to the colour.


with the colour processing on the ends, i’m going to emulsify it into jess’s new growth. this will BLEND the colour together and keep it even root to end. compare the ends to the root to be sure you have an even colour.


with the colour washed out, i’m closely examining the ends of her hair. i can see that they are a little more translucent than the rest of her hair. to combat this, i’m going to tone her hair again.


i’m using ½ 7 and ½ 7:1. like the first tone, i’m checking to see if her ends match the top of her head.

after another washout and style, jess has her NATURAL COLOR BACK!if you have any questions, make sure to hit us up! also, a video tutorial of this look is now live on our YouTube channel @nvennhairbeauty! make sure to subscribe because we release new videos every friday.

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