testing the BLONDE enforcing COLOR REMOVER from schwarzkopf

jessica here! i have alex in my chair. she wants to go from a neutral level 3 brown to a true chocolate. but that’s not the point of today’s video… today i’ll be testing the blonde enforcing COLOR REMOVER from schwarzkopf.


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PREPARING the lightener

i won’t go too deeply into how to prepare the color since the instructions are on the box, but i will show you what the contents look like.

here is part b of the COLOR REMOVER.

here is part a added to the bowl. the powder looks a bit like lightener, so we’ll see if it can get the job done.


APPLYING the lightener

now i can see that it is lightening alex’s hair- though it’s doing so unevenly. i’m going to check it’s lightening power by applying some of it to the regrowth.

her roots have lifted, so it is lightener in some sense.

after rinsing it, we’re at a good palette to color from.

adding the COLOR

i’m going to mix some green into my level 5 to cut some of the red. in this bowl i have ½ 5: ½ ⅝ and 3 grams of green.

and now we’re done! she has the chocolate color she wanted. my consensus is that this is a LIGHTENER. the only COLOR REMOVER i’ve found that doesn’t work well is pravanas. if you have any others you’d like me to test, leave a comment. the same can be said for questions or new video suggestions 😘

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